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Human Resources, Employee Misconduct, & Cultural Diversity Headshot

Human Resources, Employee Misconduct, & Cultural Diversity Expert

This expert has 26 years of experience with the Oregon State Police and ample experience in teaching, human resources investigation, and public safety training. He received a BS in the administration of justice from Portland State University and a master's in education focusing on adult education from Oregon State University. This expert formerly served as a sergeant first class in the Oregon Army National Guard and as a captain in the United States Army Reserves. ...

Employee and Executive Compensation Headshot

Employee and Executive Compensation Expert

This qualified expert has 22 years of experience in compensation consulting and specializes in employee and executive compensation matters. He earned his BS at California Polytechnic State University and is an active member of the Society of Human Resource Management. Formerly, this expert served as a compensation consultant for numerous companies and organizations including Spansion, Google, Stanford Health Care, Safeway, EVault, LinkedIn, Motorola, and UCOP. Currently, ...

Human Resources, Employee Relations, & Restaurants Headshot

Human Resources, Employee Relations, & Restaurants Expert

This highly qualified human resources professional has over 14 years of experience in his field. He earned a BA in business management with an emphasis on human resources with the University of Phoenix and an MA in organizational development from Chapman University. This expert is active in his field as a member of several professional associations including both the National Human Resources Association and the National Restaurant Association. Formerly, he served as the ...

Human Resources Headshot

Human Resources Expert

As founder and president of a well-established human resources consultancy firm, this expert has more than 28 years of experience in human resources and general management. Among his professional credits in human resource management are the establishment of comprehensive HR departments where none previously existed; the design and installation of base and incentive compensation systems and benefits plans; the development of affirmative action plans; the development of ...

Labor and Employment Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution Headshot

Labor and Employment Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution Expert

This highly qualified attorney has practiced employment and labor law for 40+ years. Currently he is the President, a practicing attorney, and mediator at a global employment law and HR consulting firm. He has extensive experience with a variety of employment law matters including wrongful termination, wage and hour, class actions, breach of contract, discrimination, retaliation, workplace investigations and more. This expert has authored a number of articles in ...

Human Resources Headshot

Human Resources Expert

This expert has over 30 years of combined experience as a Human Resource executive and employment attorney. She is the co-founder and principal consultant of her own human resource consulting practice. She has conducted and/or supervised hundreds of investigations as both an in-house investigator and an outside consultant, written numerous policies and practices manuals, mediated disputes and conducted a wide variety of seminars including sexual harassment training and ...

Workplace bullying Headshot

Workplace bullying Expert

This expert is a consultant and trainer with 10+ years experience in the area of workplace bullying/abusive conduct. She has consulted for a number of Fortune 500 companies, including the third largest energy company in the world, several hospitals and universities, several branches of the U.S. Military, and a variety of large and small businesses and government agencies. She also consulted for California and Tennessee representatives as they sought to pass laws ...

Labor Analysis Headshot

Labor Analysis Expert

This expert has worked in labor analysis for over 35 years and has published extensively on the labor market. Previously, he worked at the U.S. Department of Labor where he received numerous Outstanding Performance/Secretary's Exceptional Achievement Awards. He has a PhD in the Economics of Human Resources and is currently Senior Consultant for an employment analysis firm. He has consulted and testified in cases for both defense and plaintiff clients, involving ...

Human Resources Headshot

Human Resources Expert

This highly qualified expert has had 30+ years of HR experience and has been a global Human Resources executive for 15+ years. She has extensive experience with Fortune 500 and mid-sized organizations across industries and cultures in areas such as employee relations and development, performance management, and compensation. She is a board member in 2 societies, an invited speaker, and she authored a published book that covers HR related topics. She is fluent in ...

Legal Malpractice Headshot

Legal Malpractice Expert

This highly qualified attorney earned her BS in Business Administration from Georgetown University and her JD from the University of Chicago Law School. She writes about and researches issues related to corporate compliance, drawing on scholarship from the areas of professional ethics, corporate governance, employment law, and corporate social responsibility. She is currently an associate professor of law at a top midwestern law school. Before joining the law school ...

Labor and Employment Law Headshot

Labor and Employment Law Expert

This highly qualified attorney has extensive experience in the field of employment law. He was formerly in practice as a labor and employment attorney, where he frequently handled cases discussing discriminatory violations under Title VII. He regularly represented employers charged with Title VII violations before the human relations commissions, and on occasion represented the charging parties in similar cases. When he stopped practicing labor and employment law, this ...

Human Resources Headshot

Human Resources Expert

This expert is an internationally recognized human resources expert and is a trained Ohio Drug Free Workplace trainer. She earned a JD from Taft Law School and a MBA from York College of Pennsylvania. She is well published on human resources issues, specifically relating to employment practices. She has served as the HR Vice President or Director for a number of large, for-profit and non-profit corporations and is currently the head of Human Resources for a major ...

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