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Expert Radar helps achieve $44 million landmark victory

Our AI-driven research tool, Expert Radar, uncovered a textbook written by the opposing expert, directly contradicting his testimony.

Expert Radar

Access AI-driven due diligence on opposing and retained experts

Expert Radar checking for certifications, challenges and more

Research every expert's litigation history, challenges, publications, deposition/trial transcripts, and more to extract actionable insights.

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Medical Record Review

Let our doctors evaluate your cases to identify strengths and weaknesses

Video conference with physicians

Consult a team of 75+ legal-minded physicians, trained in every medical discipline, to review medical records, and evaluate your cases. It’s like having a team of med-mal savvy MDs working down the hall at your office.

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Effortlessly summarize medical records using AI

Sample Medical Chronology overview

Turn thousands of pages of medical records into smart, digitized, hyperlinked, and searchable documents with our AI-powered Medical Chronologies tool.

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Research Guides

Accelerate your case research

500+ research guides prepared

Cutting-edge research on the most important personal injury, medical malpractice, and mass tort topics prepared by legal researchers and physicians.

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Solutions designed to optimize firm performance

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  • 100k+

    Expert searches completed

  • 25K+

    Medical and injury cases screened for legal merit

  • 15m+

    Pages of medical records reviewed by our physicians

  • 50k

    Expert-attorney phone consultations facilitated

  • 3m+

    Experts in our network

  • 75+

    Staff physicians at your service

  • 97%

    Average score for physician consultations

  • 1k+

    5-Star Trustpilot reviews

We've delivered expert solutions on the nation's most important legal cases

  • $200b+

    Class Action & Mass Tort

  • $50b+

    Medical Malpractice

  • $80b+

    Personal Injury

  • $100b+

    Commercial Litigation

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