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    Clinical activity

Risk & Credibility

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Litigation history

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    Other Litigation

Get a winning-edge in the courtroom

Uncover contradictory information, incriminating statements, or biased opinions to set the foundation for a successful cross examination.

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Identify vulnerabilities in any expert’s background with AI-powered analytics

Get smarter insights to enhance your expert due diligence
and mitigate potential risks.

Litigation Analytics

Evaluate any expert’s complete litigation history and explore all prior Daubert challenges to pinpoint deficiencies in their credibility, qualifications, or testimony.

Access litigation history
Medical Record Review

Explore all prior case involvement

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Review every case in which the expert was involved and understand which party hired or retained them.

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Explore the case details to learn which law firms, attorneys, defendants, hospitals, and organizations had an interest in the case.

Review the grounds of every challenge

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Get detailed information on every challenge the expert has faced including a summary of the matter and the expert's involvement prepared by skilled legal researchers.

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Identify other attorneys who have successfully challenged the expert's testimony and uncover the legal reasoning behind each motion.

Understand every case outcome

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Discover the results of prior cases and learn how often the expert's involvement led to a decision for the plaintiff or defendant.

Know the results of every challenge

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Determine the outcome of every challenge and understand why the expert's testimony was admitted, criticized, limited, or outright excluded.

Quickly request the expertise you need

Capitalize on compromising data

Uncover damaging information buried deep within an expert’s publications, deposition transcripts, litigation experience, or social media presence.

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We reveal a 360-degree view of each expert candidate to ensure they can withstand deposition and cross-examination.

Strengthen your cross examination

Leverage information on prior case involvement to fine-tune your line of questioning and discredit the opposing expert.

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Stay informed 24/7

Get real-time alerts and be the first to know about any changes to an expert’s professional or legal standing.

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Speak with your expert before retaining

Get detailed information on opposing experts and your own experts too

Access critical intelligence to dispute opposing experts or
reduce adverse exposure for your own experts.

Opposition Research

Cross examine with superior intelligence and deliver a lethal blow to the expert’s credibility.

Expert due diligence

Get a 360 degree view of your expert and easily identify susceptibilities.

Rich Newsome Portait

Expert Radar is a phenomenal product for those of us who are short-handed and need help digging deep on expert witnesses.

I can find all the information that is most critical to making sure my experts are sound. Now that my team has access to this tool, I’m confident that when we put an expert on the stand, they won’t be destroyed in a way that’s going to impact my case.

Rich Newsome, Esq., Senior Partner, Newsome Melton Law Firm
Founding Faculty Member, Trial School

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