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We carefully vet every expert in our network of 3+ million expert witnesses to find the right one for your case—for any industry, discipline, or subject matter.

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We help you retain the premier expert witness candidates based on your case specific criteria.

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Every time you engage an expert through our platform, you'll get an exclusive preview of Radar!

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We'll help you engage actively-practicing professionals who match all your requirements for litigation experience, specialty area, professional credentials, certifications, location, fee range, and more.

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Each expert undergoes a stringent vetting process, ensuring an impeccable track record and exceptional performance during deposition and cross-examination.

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We provide complimentary conference calls with expert candidates so you can be sure it's the perfect match.

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Streamline your attorney + expert workflow

Expert iQ's Workspace makes attorney + expert collaboration more efficient with secure file sharing, real-time activity tracking, and a built-in resource hub.

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    We offer 24-hour expedited searches to deliver your expert in time for disclosure.

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    Strategize with our research team to find the most appropriate and cost-effective expert witness.

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    Assembling a team?

    Request searches for experts to opine on liability, causation, and damages.

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Our service is a case cost, and we’ll provide payment receipts for each engagement so that you can easily bill back the cost to individual files.

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