Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner Finds an Expert Partner in Expert Institute

Pearson Law Firm Calls Working With Expert Institute “An Existential Shift”

Finz & Finz Breaks Records with the Help of Stellar Experts

Swope Rodante Confidently Rebuts Affirmative Defense with Critical Expert Knowledge

A Veteran Injury Firm Expands its Practice with Expert Case Validation

How a Solo Practitioner Gained Hometown Recognition with Medical Expert Consultations

The COVID-19 shutdown has not stopped us. It's allowed us to step back and organize as a firm. Some medical experts are working more than overtime, but the ones that aren't have made themselves available—and Expert Institute has helped me connect with many of those experts. When the country recovers, we're going to be better prepared because Expert Institute has refined our medical case support.

Jeff Campiche, Esq. Campiche Arnold PLLC

The Biren Law Group secures a $2.7 million settlement with the right medical experts

Bostwick & Peterson LLP retires its roster of experts for good

How the Partnership Program saved Byrd Davis Alden & Henrichson time and resources

Expert Institute helps me tackle some of my most difficult cases. They quickly respond to my inquiries and schedule appointments to accommodate my deadlines, even if there is short notice. Expert Institute has provided me with experts time and time again that fit the particular needs of my cases. I highly recommend their service.

Terry Garmey Terry Garmey & Associates

I can’t imagine going back to the old way of doing things. I feel like I’m partnered with a medical practice!!

William S. Mills, Esq. Glenn, Mills, Fisher, & Mahoney

Expert Institute has been outstanding in locating experts and the turn-around time is remarkable. They have taken a very time-consuming task off of my plate, which is invaluable.

Colin Dunn, Esq. Clifford Law Offices

Expert Institute is nothing like other expert services. The mere amount of time they save my office is incredible. Once you use Expert Institute you will never go back to the old ways of locating an expert witness.

Michael T. Yonke, Esq. Yonke Law

Expert Institute's doctors and staff have simplified and improved my law practice. They help me find qualified experts quickly and efficiently. The overwhelming majority of experts have been outstanding.

James Wood, Esq. Law Office of James H. Wood

Expert Institute has an uncanny ability to analyze the issues in a case and will scour the earth to find the most qualified expert for consultation or litigation.

Jay Dankner, Esq. Dankner & Milstein

I trust Expert Institute for guidance and expert support on all of my complex injury matters. The experts they provide are easy to work with, thoroughly vetted, and preeminent leaders in their fields.

Andrew Smiley, Esq. Smiley & Smiley

We have been utilizing Expert Institute for years. They are always a phone call away and their response time is incredible. They make me look efficient!

Jennifer Miller, Esq. Ballin, Ballin & Fishman

I have obtained over ten experts from Expert Institute, and every time they have hit a home run. The experts have been intelligent, creative, and their credentials have been top-notch.

Scott Bertram, Esq. Bertram & Graf

Expert Institute found me a qualified expert the same day and on the first try. Next time, they will be my first resort.

Daniel Reichelscheimer, Esq. Tesser, Ryan, & Rochman

Expert Institute has worked extremely hard to understand our case and find two great experts within our price range.

Sean Dormer, Esq. Dormer, Harpring & Gray

Expert Institute's response to our request was prompt and we called at the last minute. The expert provided is probably one of the top in the country and he called us and assisted us very quickly.

Donna Grodner, Esq. Grodner Law Firm

Expert Institute helped us find a qualified expert in a highly specific field when all of our other efforts had failed. The expert they located provided the insight and testimony we needed at a critical juncture in our case.

Adam Berger, Esq. Schroeter, Goldmark & Bender

Expert Institute played a key role in getting a lot of money for a very tough case that others had turned down as being 'un-winnable'. I settled this case for several million dollars.

Tim Bottaro, Esq. Vriezelaar Tigges

Expert Institute helps me make the most of the cases I litigate - they save me time, money and aggravation in avoiding cases I should not undertake. I'd recommend them to any attorney!

Sheila Hiestand, Esq. McCoy & Hiestand

The staff at Expert Institute are top notch. They promptly respond to inquiries and give you honest guidance and not tell you just what you want to hear.

Clark Hicks, Esq. Hicks and Bennett

Expert Institute's staff is extremely user friendly and very competent. The experts they have obtained for us are highly qualified, very cooperative, and readily accessible.

Jim Tuschman Esq. Barkan & Robon

Expert Institute has been able to provide me with the information I need to decide whether or not a case is worth pursuing. The experts are stellar and it saves me money in the long term.

Kyra Blankenship, Esq. Blankenship Attorney At Law

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