Build the foundation
for mass tort success

Analyze your client medical files, identify client intake criteria, and zero-in on your next bellwether.

Identify the most meaningful intake criteria

Receive a bespoke client intake rubric to assess injuries, detect risk factors, identify missing records, and evaluate a client’s eligibility—all before taking their case.

Rank a batch
of cases

Have our physicians analyze the records of clients with similar presentations and rank the strength of the causal relationships between their product use and outcome.

Find your bellwether plaintiff

Determine which cases are most likely to succeed, and let our physicians identify the most meritorious bellwether.

Choose the solutions that best fit your client needs

Streamline your client intake process, and request additional resources as the litigation scales.

Intake Criteria Rubric

Bespoke document outlining the most salient factors to consider when evaluating a prospective client’s eligibility

Individual Record Review

Comprehensive record review for a single client + phone consultation

Multi-Record Review

Comprehensive record reviews for up to 10 client files + phone consultation

Ranking Analysis

Multi-Record Review + ranking of cases from strongest to weakest + phone consultation

Single Client Evaluation Form

Individual Record Review + client assessment based on Intake Criteria Rubric

Batch Client Evaluation Form

Multi-Record Review + client assessments based on Intake Criteria Rubric

Single Client summary

Individual Record Review + Narrative write-up detailing case strengths and weaknesses of case + analysis of strength of causal relationship

Batch Client Summary

Multi-Record Review + narrative write-up detailing case strengths and weaknesses of case + strength of causal relationship analysis

Bellwether Identification

Multi-Record Review + Ranking Analysis + Single Client Summary (for Bellwether matter)

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