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Workplace discrimination expert witnesses practice in a variety of fields, including human resources, employment law, organizational behavior, industrial psychology, and business ethics. Some of the most common workplace discrimination expert witness specialties also include sexual harassment, age discrimination, racial discrimination, disability discrimination, and gender discrimination. They can opine on the effects of hostile work environments, unfair hiring practices, wage disparity, wrongful termination, and retaliation claims.

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Workplace Conflict and Investigations Expert Witness | WashingtonView profile


Workplace Conflict and Investigations Expert Witness | Washington

This expert has frequently advised school district and other public clients concerning appropriate responses to allegations of teacher and other employee misconduct, as well as advising them after an investigation is complete concerning what actions they might wish to take depending on the findings in the investigation. She often interacts with attorneys on cases, and has extensive human...

Employment And Labor Expert Witness | MassachusettsView profile


Employment And Labor Expert Witness | Massachusetts

This highly qualified expert has extensive experience in litigation matters concerning employment issues. She has testified in at least 5 cases that went to a jury. She received a B.A. in Economics from Boston College summa cum laude and a J.D. from Suffolk University Law School cum laude and was on the Law Review. Her experience as a litigator makes her a specialist in the workplace...

Workplace Safety & OSHA Expert Witness | PennsylvaniaView profile


Workplace Safety & OSHA Expert Witness | Pennsylvania

This expert has an extensive list of certifications and qualifications in health and safety. His work experience includes 30 years in occupational safety. He is the currently the President and founder of an environmental health and safety (EHS) services firm and provides expert witness services. He is a frequent trainer / presenter and has been an OSHA Authorized Instructor for General Industry...

Workplace Safety & OSHA Expert Witness | TexasView profile


Workplace Safety & OSHA Expert Witness | Texas

This highly qualified expert has years of experience in the field of workplace safety and engineering management. He received his BS degree in construction science from Lonestar College and his MS degree in engineering management from Texas A&M University. He also obtained his health safety official certification at the University of Texas at Arlington. He is the former owner of Providence Safety...

Workplace Bullying Expert Witness | CaliforniaView profile


Workplace Bullying Expert Witness | California

This expert is a consultant and trainer with 10+ years experience in the area of workplace bullying/abusive conduct. She has consulted for a number of Fortune 500 companies, including the third largest energy company in the world, several hospitals and universities, several branches of the U.S. Military, and a variety of large and small businesses and government agencies. She also consulted...

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