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Employment law expert witnesses practice in a variety of fields, including wrongful termination, workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, wage and hour disputes, and labor law. Some of the most common employment law expert witness specialties also include employee benefits, occupational safety, employment contracts, human resources policies, and workers' compensation. They can opine on the effects of discriminatory practices, unfair dismissal, hostile work environments, wage theft, and violations of employment rights.

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Legal Expert Witness | New MexicoView profile


Legal Expert Witness | New Mexico

This expert has 26 years of experience in regulatory and compliance investigation of federal labor laws. An extensive amount of time was with the US Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division as a Wage and Hour Compliance Specialist, enforcing federal wage and hour laws through investigative assignments. She analyzed and reviewed employer's financial documents, including time and pay records, as...

Human Resources Expert Witness | CaliforniaView profile


Human Resources Expert Witness | California

This expert has over 30 years of combined experience as a Human Resource executive and employment attorney. She is the co-founder and principal consultant of her own human resource consulting practice. She has conducted and/or supervised hundreds of investigations as both an in-house investigator and an outside consultant, written numerous policies and practices manuals, mediated disputes and...

Labor and Employment Law  Alternative Dispute Resolution Expert Witness | CaliforniaView profile


Labor and Employment Law Alternative Dispute Resolution Expert Witness | California

This highly qualified attorney has practiced employment and labor law for 40+ years. Currently he is the President, a practicing attorney, and mediator at a global employment law and HR consulting firm. He has extensive experience with a variety of employment law matters including wrongful termination, wage and hour, class actions, breach of contract, discrimination, retaliation, workplace...

Employment Law Expert Witness FAQs

What is the role of an employment law expert witness in a legal case?

An employment law expert witness provides specialized knowledge on labor laws, workplace policies, and employee rights. They can offer insights into complex issues like discrimination, wrongful termination, or wage disputes.

What types of cases does an employment law expert witness typically handle?

Employment law experts often handle cases involving harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, wage and hour disputes, benefits issues, and violations of labor laws.

How can an employment law expert witness help in a discrimination case?

In a discrimination case, an employment law expert can analyze evidence, interpret relevant laws and regulations, and provide credible testimony to establish if discriminatory practices occurred.

Are there subspecialties within the field of employment law that an expert witness might focus on?

Yes, some experts may specialize in areas such as sexual harassment, disability discrimination, labor union disputes, or executive compensation agreements.

Why is it important to hire an employment law expert witness with experience in wage and hour disputes?

Wage and hour disputes can be complex. An experienced expert can decipher intricate labor laws and regulations to determine if any violations have occurred.

How does Expert Institute select its Employment Law expert witnesses?

Expert Institute offers a personalized approach to help you find the highest quality experts. We source actively-practicing professionals who match all your requirements for specialty areas, work experience, litigation history, fee range, certifications, location, and more.

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