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Information Technology Headshot

Information Technology Expert

This Georgia-based expert received his BS in management and economics from Western Carolina University. Over his lengthy career in information technology and project management, he has mastered over 12 programming languages, 6 operating systems, several web design, and development tools, and has been awarded with 10 patents in his field. Previously, he served as a senior manager for various transportation consulting projects, a project manager and lead developer for ...

Financial Services Technology & Cybersecurity Headshot

Financial Services Technology & Cybersecurity Expert

This highly qualified financial services technology expert has over 35 years of professional experience. His expertise includes systems development, integration, infrastructure, information security and operations in the trading, investment, banking, and asset management businesses. He earned his BS in computer science from the City University of New York and is a graduate of the ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking at Georgetown University. He holds certifications as ...

Telecommunications, IT, & Advertising Technology Headshot

Telecommunications, IT, & Advertising Technology Expert

This highly qualified expert has extensive experience in the areas of telecommunications, advertising technology, IT, and computer software. He earned his BS in mathematics and systems science from UCLA and completed graduate work in electrical engineering and statistics at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. He currently holds 10 patents involving human-computer design. He is active in his field as an author of several industry publications. He has formerly held ...

Patient Infringement and Healthcare Software Headshot

Patient Infringement and Healthcare Software Expert

This highly qualified expert has over 35 years of experience in healthcare and over 45 years of experience in information technology. He received his BBA in quantitative methods and his MBA in economics and finance from the University of Missouri. He then earned his PhD in healthcare administration at Anderson University. His former positions include executive vice president and general manager of Unicomp Corporation, chief information officer of Aldus Corporation, ...

Information Technology Headshot

Information Technology Expert

This qualified expert has nearly 25 years of experience in information technology. He received his BA in urban studies from the University of Pennsylvania. He then earned his MBA, specializing in decision sciences and finance, from the Wharton School of Business. He began his career as a project manager for the global consumer finance branch of GE Capital. While working in this branch, he was also the chief information officer of GE Capital Bank Austria and GE Capital ...

Software Engineering, Information Technology, Tourism Headshot

Software Engineering, Information Technology, Tourism Expert

This highly qualified expert has over 30 years of professional experience in software engineering and information technology. He received his BS in electrical engineering from Princeton University and is certified in international relations and public policy by the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University. Formerly, this expert has served as an analyst at Booz Allen & Hamilton, the vice president of technology at American Express, the chief technology officer at ...

Health Information Technology Headshot

Health Information Technology Expert

This expert is the principal and CEO of a management consulting group that assists healthcare organizations and communities with leveraging health information to improve operational efficiencies and clinical health outcomes. Currently she oversees the selection, implementation and use of electronic health records supporting more than 2000 providers in California. She and her team assist providers in improving performance, workflow and quality improvement efforts for ...

Computers and Information Technology Headshot

Computers and Information Technology Expert

This expert is an internationally recognized software professional with over 38 years of experience in the computer industry. He is knowledgeable of the design and implementation of both the software and hardware, ranging from embedded microcomputers to mainframe computers. Further, he has consulted as a software architect for companies in various industries, working on projects that cover a wide range of topics such as operating systems, designing custom architectures, ...

Telecommunications Headshot

Telecommunications Expert

This expert is a well-versed IT and telecommunications expert, receiving a Ph.D. in Computer Networking. He has published a dozen papers in professional journals and conferences, and holds two patents related to distributed base station controllers. He previously served as the VP of Business Development of Huawei R&D and the Managing Director of R&D at Vodafone Group. This expert is currently a private consultant in the telecommunications industry....

Telecommunications Headshot

Telecommunications Expert

This expert has more than 25 years of experience the telecommunications field, performing technology-intensive analysis and project management. He earned his BA in English from Yale University, and his MS in Computer Science from the Stevens Institute of Technology. He has performed strategic analysis for FEMA's telecom network and contact center 5 year plans. He has functioned as an expert witness on several occasions with a 100% success rate, and is currently the CEO ...

Human Resources Headshot

Human Resources Expert

This expert is an internationally recognized human resources expert and is a trained Ohio Drug Free Workplace trainer. She earned a JD from Taft Law School and a MBA from York College of Pennsylvania. She is well published on human resources issues, specifically relating to employment practices. She has served as the HR Vice President or Director for a number of large, for-profit and non-profit corporations and is currently the head of Human Resources for a major ...

Financial Services and Accounting Headshot

Financial Services and Accounting Expert

This expert has over 25 years of experience in the securities industry as an accounting and compliance specialist. Industry experience with broker-dealers, registered investment advisers, hedge funds,regulation, compliance, accounting, and information technology. He has been FINRA registered since 1984 and is also a licensed Financial and Operations Principal. He currently serves as Principal for a financial compliance services firm....

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Experts Review Patent Dispute Involving Communications Technology

Experts Review Patent Dispute Involving Communications Technology

May 8 2018 Information Technology
This case involves a patent infringement regarding wireless communications technologies. The patent in question allowed computers to switch the method used for their network connection without interruption. The plaintiff, a multinational telecommunications company, accused the defendant, a competitor, of habitual infringement of the…

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