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Expert Qualifications

This expert is highly experienced in the area of IT and offshore outsourcing, with expertise in all aspects of outsourcing such as strategy, provider capabilities, provider selection, outsourcing contracts, BPO, and cybersecurity. He earned his BA in liberal arts from Northwestern State University of Louisiana and began his career with Electronic Data Systems, serving as a sales executive, industry vice president, and a strategic business unit sales and marketing leaders. He also worked with Ernst & Young, as the managing partner for IT outsourcing & BPO services and as the global leader of cybersecurity as a service. This expert was also the CEO and founder of both United Messaging and Alsbridge. Currently, this expert is the managing partner for a cybersecurity technology and managed services firm based in Texas.

Bio Snapshot

  • Location: TX
  • BA, Liberal Arts, Northwestern State University of Louisiana
  • Former, Sales Executive, Electronic Data Systems
  • Former, Industry Vice President, Electronic Data Systems
  • Former, Strategy Business Unit Sales and Marketing Leader, Electronic Data Systems
  • Former, Partner, Ernst & Young
  • Former, COO, Global Sales, Ernst & Young
  • Former, Managing Partner, Services, Ernst & Young
  • Former, Chairman and CEO, United Messaging
  • Former, CEO and Founder, Alsbridge Inc.
  • Former, Global Leader, Cybersecurity as a Service, Ernst & Young
  • Current, Managing Partner, a cybersecurity technology and managed services firm in TX

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