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Automobile Expert Witness | CaliforniaView profile


Automobile Expert Witness | California

This qualified expert of Industrial Technology obtained his BS and MA in Industrial Technology at Kent State University and his PhD in Industrial Technology at the Ohio State University. He is certified in Life Credential in Driver & Traffic Safety Education and is a Licensed Private Investigator. He is a member of the American Board of Forensic Examiners and the American Society of Certified...

Automotive Diagnostics and Airbag Expert Witness | MissouriView profile


Automotive Diagnostics and Airbag Expert Witness | Missouri

This qualified expert has over fifty years of experience in all aspects of the automotive industry. He received his AS in Business and Accounting from Mesa Community College and has completed further training in: the Ford Motor Company Night Course at Phoenix Union Technology, Automobile/ Automotive Mechanics Technology from Lincoln Technical Institute, Computer Vehicles and Fuel Injection from...

Automotive Damage Analysis and Automotive Appraisal Expert Witness | OklahomaView profile


Automotive Damage Analysis and Automotive Appraisal Expert Witness | Oklahoma

This highly qualified expert has extensive experience in diminished value and the post-repair inspection of vehicles. He ensures vehicles are restored to their pre-accident condition in terms of fitness and functionality, and he specializes in determining the loss of value to properly and improperly repaired vehicles. He obtained his BA in management from Oklahoma State University, before...

Automotive Lemon Law & Warranty Breach of Contract Expert Witness | FloridaView profile


Automotive Lemon Law & Warranty Breach of Contract Expert Witness | Florida

This highly-qualified expert has over 40 years of experience in the automotive industry, with expertise in automotive Lemon Law and warranty breach of contract. He holds several certifications, including as a certified service writer, a certified master technician auto and HD truck, and a certified appraiser. He is active in his field as a member of the International Automotive Appraisers...

Kevin Charles Breen, PEView profile

ID: 49676

Mr. Kevin Charles Breen, PE

Mr. Kevin C Breen has 38 years of experience in the fields of Engineering and Automotive Inspection and Manufacturing. He earned his BS in Materials Engineering from the University of Illinois Chicago and his MS in Industry Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Today, this expert is a Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Wisconsin. Formerly, he served as a Quality...

Benjamin James Ewers III, PE, PhDView profile

ID: 93776

Dr. Benjamin James Ewers III, PE, PhD

Dr. Benjamin J. Ewers III has 21 years of experience in Biomechanics. He earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado Boulder and his MS in Applied Mechanics at Michigan State University. He also earned his Ph.D. in Applied Mechanics and Biomechanics from Michigan State University. Today, this expert is licensed as a Professional Mechanical Engineer in the state of...

Larry Eigene MillerView profile

ID: 94267

Mr. Larry Eigene Miller

Mr. Larry E. Miller has 49 years of experience in Engineering Automotive Inspection and Manufacturing. Formerly, this expert served as the Truck Driving Instructor at Dootson School of Trucking, as a Tank Truck Driver at Atlantic Richfield Company, and as a Heavy Duty Driver at Milne Truck Lines, Inc. Currently, this expert is the Director of the Pacific Coast Motor Carrier Safety Institute.

John Derrick Lloyd, CPE, PhDView profile

ID: 139894

Dr. John Derrick Lloyd, CPE, PhD

Dr. John D. Lloyd has 35 years of experience in Biomechanics, Human Factors, and Ergonomics. He earned his BS in Human Factors and Ergonomics, his Ph.D. in Ergonomics and Biomechanics, and his Doctor in Professional Studies from Loughborough University. Today, this expert is a Certified Professional Ergonomist by the Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics. Formerly, this expert served...

Todd Dudley HooverView profile

ID: 149838

Mr. Todd Dudley Hoover

Mr. Todd D. Hoover has 30 years of experience in Automotive Accident Reconstruction. He earned his AAS in Electronics Technology from Pennsylvania College of Technology and his BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Houston. Formerly, this expert served as a Principal Engineer and Graduate Engineer at Carr Engineering Inc. and Tandy Engineering & Associates, Inc. Currently, this...

Neil Eugene Hannemann, BSMEView profile

ID: 186891

Mr. Neil Eugene Hannemann, BSME

Mr. Neil E. Hannemann has 41 years of experience in the field of Automotive Engineering. He earned his BSME in Automotive Engineering from Kettering University. Formerly, he served as the Executive Director at McLaren Automotive and as a Senior Vice President at Aptera Motors Inc. He was also a Principal Engineer at Barr Group. Currently, he serves as a Consultant at Forensic Automotive Collision...

Debora Renee Marth, PhDView profile

ID: 506988

Dr. Debora Renee Marth, PhD

Debora R. Marth has 29 years of experience in the field of Mechanical and Automotive Safety Engineering. She earned her BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan Dearborn. She completed her MS in Mechanical Engineering and her PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Wayne State University. She is also earned her certification in Specialized Traffic Accident Reconstruction from...

Robert Carl LangeView profile

ID: 581858

Mr. Robert Carl Lange

Mr. Robert Lange has over 50 years of experience in Automotive and Mechanical Engineering. He earned his BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan. Formerly, this expert served as the Executive-In-Charge, Engineering Director, and Executive Director Vehicle Structure and Safety Integration at General Motors Corporation. Currently, this expert is a Principal and Senior...

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