Expert Qualifications

This hotel/hospitality expert is a certified hotel administrator who has been heavily involved in the industry for more than 40 years, including positions as General Manager of a Best Western Inn Motel, Executive Vice President of State Street Associates, and General Manager of AmeriSuites Hotel. He is a former program director/associate professor of hospitality management at a local college, and is currently a consultant in the hotel/hospitality industry. He has 11 years of experience as an expert witness/consultant for attorneys with cases in his field.

Bio Snapshot

  • Location: Illinois
  • BA, Economics, University of Illinois
  • MBA, Illinois State University
  • Certified: Hotel Administrator
  • 200+ Publications
  • Former, General Manager, Best Western Inn Motel
  • Former, President, Restaurant Concepts Inc.
  • Former, Writer/Researcher in the hotel industry
  • Former, Executive Vice President, State Street Associates Hotel Developers
  • Former, General Manager, AmeriSuites Hotel
  • Former, Program Director/Associate Professor of Hospitality Management, Parkland Community College
  • Current, Hotel Consultant

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