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Mechanical Engineering & Software Development Headshot

Mechanical Engineering & Software Development Expert

This expert has 40 years of experience in mechanical engineering, specializing in engineering simulation, heat transfer, and fluid dynamics. After earning her BS in math and physics from Heidelberg College, she earned her BS in engineering physics and MS in mechanical engineering from the University of Toledo. She also obtained her PhD in mechanical and aerospace engineering at the University of Virginia before beginning a highly successful career in mechanical ...

Information Technology Headshot

Information Technology Expert

This Georgia-based expert received his BS in management and economics from Western Carolina University. Over his lengthy career in information technology and project management, he has mastered over 12 programming languages, 6 operating systems, several web design, and development tools, and has been awarded with 10 patents in his field. Previously, he served as a senior manager for various transportation consulting projects, a project manager and lead developer for ...

Cyber Security and Software Headshot

Cyber Security and Software Expert

This well-credentialed expert has 25 years of experience as a technologist with experience in government and finance with specific cybersecurity domain expertise as a CTO, CISO, and systems architect. He is skilled in cybersecurity, compliance, computer and data forensics, data and log analysis, evidence extraction, electronic discovery, network security, hacker breach detection, and evidence gathering. Formerly, he has served as a senior architect for TrueCar, a senior ...

Digital Signal Processing & Telecommunications Headshot

Digital Signal Processing & Telecommunications Expert

This expert has 30 years of experience in computer engineering with a specialization in digital signal processing and speech. He has demonstrated experience with telecommunications, cellular networks, speech and audio compression standards (codecs), video codecs, computer software and hardware, packetized networks, VoIP, streaming audio and video, smartphones, location methods, human interface, realtime systems, speech recognition, and web systems and applications. He ...

Software Headshot

Software Expert

This expert earned his BS in economics from the University of Pennsylvania and went on to found a music education company called LessonUp. He then began his career in software as a teacher in residence at Hack Reactor and went on to work as a software engineer at Hint Health. He has demonstrated experience with back-end web technologies for technology startups and is skilled in numerous software languages, including Ruby, Python, and Javascript. Currently, this expert is ...

Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Headshot

Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Expert

This highly qualified expert earned his BSc in computer science, mathematics, and statistics from The Australian National University and his MS in computer science and machine learning from Carnegie Mellon University. He speaks Chinese in addition to English and is well-versed in the legal system from his prior experiences self-representing. This expert has experience in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, natural language technologies, computer ...

Patents and Software-Related Intellectual Property Headshot

Patents and Software-Related Intellectual Property Expert

This qualified expert has extensive experience with patents and software-related intellectual property as an IT litigation consultant and attorney. He received his BS in biology and chemistry from Stony Brook University and his MS in chemistry from SUNY Stony Brook before earning his JD from Georgetown University. He also earned his MML in international business and economic law from Georgetown University. He is a member of the state bar of California and is a registered ...

Telecommunications and Computer Software Headshot

Telecommunications and Computer Software Expert

This highly-qualified expert has 25 years of experience in the field of computer software and telecommunications. He currently holds 11 patents. This expert has developed several mobile phone applications and is credited with developing the first VOIP application. He has held a number of distinguished positions throughout his career, including chief technology officer of Inforum Communications, O1 Communications, and Vysk Communications. He has also served as the vice ...

Patient Infringement and Healthcare Software Headshot

Patient Infringement and Healthcare Software Expert

This highly qualified expert has over 35 years of experience in healthcare and over 45 years of experience in information technology. He received his BBA in quantitative methods and his MBA in economics and finance from the University of Missouri. He then earned his PhD in healthcare administration at Anderson University. His former positions include executive vice president and general manager of Unicomp Corporation, chief information officer of Aldus Corporation, ...

Patent Infringement and Insurance Software Headshot

Patent Infringement and Insurance Software Expert

This highly qualified expert has nearly 40 years of experience in his field. He received his BS in mathematics from Denison University and his MBA in finance from the University of Michigan. He was the founder and CEO of three successful insurance software companies over the course of nearly 30 years. He has also formerly served as the VP of national accounts for Republic Hogg Robinson, the senior VP of strategy and CIO of Adjustco, and the president of the claims ...

Software, Source Code Renew, IP Litigation, Infringement Contentions Headshot

Software, Source Code Renew, IP Litigation, Infringement Contentions Expert

This software expert has over 23 years of experience, specializing in source code review. He has extensive experience working on patent infringement cases involving major tech companies including Google, Microsoft, and Apple. He has received grants from the US Department of Education to develop course material on .NET Internationalization and Java Programming Internationalization. Prior to his position as CEO of his consulting firm, he was a professor of programming at ...

Computer Software Headshot

Computer Software Expert

This highly qualified computer software expert has over 25 years of professional experience in his field. He received his BS in mathematics from C.C.S. University in India and his MA in computer applications from Harcourt Butler Technological Institute. He is a certified AWS developer, solutions architect, and SysOps administrator. Additionally, he is a certified professional and azure developer by Microsoft. Formerly, he has held roles as a software engineer at Newgen ...

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