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This highly qualified computer software expert has over 25 years of professional experience in his field. He received his BS in mathematics from C.C.S. University in India and his MA in computer applications from Harcourt Butler Technological Institute. He is a certified AWS developer, solutions architect, and SysOps administrator. Additionally, he is a certified professional and azure developer by Microsoft. Formerly, he has held roles as a software engineer at Newgen Software, a development lead at Citigroup, a senior developer at Microsoft - BizTalk Server,a senior development manager at Microsoft - Azure, a product architect at Fiserv, and a principal engineer for both Rackspace and Yahoo. Currently, this expert is a senior architect at a major search advertising company.

Bio Snapshot

  • Location: CA
  • BS, Mathematics, C.C.S. University
  • MA, Computer Applications, Harcourt Butler Technological Institute
  • Certified, AWS Developer
  • Certified, AWS Security
  • Certified, AWS Solutions Architect
  • Certified, AWS SysOps Administrator
  • Certified, Professional Developer, Microsoft
  • Certified, Azure Developer, Microsoft
  • Former, Software Engineer, Newgen Software
  • Former, Development Lead, Citigroup
  • Former, Senior Developer, Microsoft - BizTalk Server
  • Former, Senior Development Manager, Microsoft - Azure
  • Former, Product Architect, Fiserv
  • Former, Principal Engineer, Rackspace
  • Former, Principal Engineer, Yahoo
  • Current, Senior Architect, a major search advertising company

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State: CA

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