Expert Qualifications

This highly qualified software professional is an expert in software and computing technology with 20+ years of experience as an inventor, engineer, and programmer. He designed and built the web's first online bookmark site, and belongs to the IEEE Computer Society and the Application Developers Alliance. This expert has worked as a programmer, software development manager, technical analyst, CTO, software engineer, and mentor in a wide variety of industries including enterprise software, digital entertainment, and web-enabled government. He also launched a number of Internet startups using cutting-edge technologies like cloud-based server scaling, machine learning (AI), and personalized social ad targeting. His first startup, created significant prior art used in multiple patent cases. He currently serves as a consulting and testifying expert where he provides software analysis and computer forensics.

Bio Snapshot

  • Location: California
  • BA, Telecommunications, Indiana University
  • Member, Los Angeles CTO Forum
  • Member, IEEE Computer Society
  • Member, Application Developers Alliance
  • Former, Support Engineer, University Computing Services
  • Former, Network Administrator, Interart/Sunrise Publications
  • Former, Certified ClearCase/Software Configuration Management Specialist, Pencom Systems
  • Former, Systems Administrator,
  • Former, Founder & CTO,
  • Former, Software Engineer,
  • Former, Software Engineer, AT&T Interactive
  • Former, Software IP Consultant, Intellectual Ventures
  • Former, Intellectual Property and Technology Advisor, TechKnow Consulting
  • Current, Software Expert, Software Litigation Consulting Firm

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This highly qualified expert earned his BSc in computer science, mathematics, and statistics from The Australian National University and his MS in computer science and machine learning from Carnegie Mellon University. He speaks Chinese ...

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