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Audio & Video Forensics Headshot

Audio & Video Forensics Expert

This highly qualified expert has been working in video and audio forensics for over 35 years. After earning his BA in communications with a minor in criminal justice, this expert worked as a probation officer for the city of Troy, Michigan. He then began work as an audio engineer and investigator at Ambience Recording Studio where he began consultancy work with the FBI, local police departments, and other governmental entities. As a certified forensic consultant and ...

Consumer Audio & Acoustics Headshot

Consumer Audio & Acoustics Expert

This professor and entrepreneur earned his BS in Engineering and Applied Science from Caltech and a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California. An active researcher, he has authored and co-authored nearly 100 peer reviewed technical papers; his scholarly work focuses on the intersection of acoustics, psychoacoustics and audio signal processing. Twenty years ago, he founded his university's Immersive Audio Laboratory, as well as an Integrated ...

Digital Audio & Computer Music Headshot

Digital Audio & Computer Music Expert

This expert is a world renowned figure in digital audio and computer music, with over 40 technical publications and four patents to his credit. The former chief technical officer at Lucasfilm Droid Works, he won both an Emmy Award for Technical Achievement and the Audio Engineering Society's lifetime achievement award. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University, as well as undergraduate degrees in Applied Mathematics and Electrical Engineering from MIT....

Electronics Headshot

Electronics Expert

This audio device expert began his career as a professional musician, studying at the Boston Conservatory of Music. He thereafter earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University and later pursued a doctorate in the field at Lehigh University. He is a licensed Professional Engineer and member of the IEEE, National Academy of Forensic Engineers (NAFE) and Audio Engineering Society (AES). As the author of industry patents and an active member of the ...

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