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Telecommunications, IT, & Advertising Technology Headshot

Telecommunications, IT, & Advertising Technology Expert

This highly qualified expert has extensive experience in the areas of telecommunications, advertising technology, IT, and computer software. He earned his BS in mathematics and systems science from UCLA and completed graduate work in electrical engineering and statistics at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. He currently holds 10 patents involving human-computer design. He is active in his field as an author of several industry publications. He has formerly held ...

Advertising Headshot

Advertising Expert

This highly qualified expert has over twenty years of experience in strategy and brand management. She earned her BS in business administration from Fundaçao Getulio Vargas in Sao Paulo, Brazil and her MBA from Harvard Graduate School of Business. She has previously served as CMO for Arbonne International, SVP and CMO for Isagenix International, and as the founder and CEO of Pozzani and Associates, Inc. This expert is the current CMO for a leading legal services ...

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click Headshot

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click Expert

For almost a decade, this expert has managed a San Francisco Bay area consultancy specialized in online advertising and website optimization. He is a Google Certified Partner with agency level support direct from Google. In addition to his private consultancy, he manages the Search Engine Marketing and Pay-Per-Click campaigns for several advertising agencies in Northern California....

Online Marketing and SEO Headshot

Online Marketing and SEO Expert

This expert has over 22 years of Online Marketing, including Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine "Link" Campaigns, and Pay Per Click Search-Engine Advertising. He is the author of various best selling Internet-Related Books, such as Complete Idiot's Guide to the Internet and Search Engine Optimization for Dummies. He has given multiple presentations and public speaking engagements involving internet marketing, and has developed his own publishing company focused on ...

Computer Software Headshot

Computer Software Expert

This highly qualified computer software expert has over 25 years of professional experience in his field. He received his BS in mathematics from C.C.S. University in India and his MA in computer applications from Harcourt Butler Technological Institute. He is a certified AWS developer, solutions architect, and SysOps administrator. Additionally, he is a certified professional and azure developer by Microsoft. Formerly, he has held roles as a software engineer at Newgen ...

Pain Management Physician Headshot

Pain Management Physician Expert

This expert joined National Spine & Pain Centers in 2011. He was born in New Jersey and grew up in North Carolina. He is a highly regarded interventional pain physician specializing in minimally invasive spine care. He has served on the physician faculty at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. He has published numerous articles in medical literature and continues to perform research in pain management. Among his impressive professional ...

Human Factors / Warning Labels Headshot

Human Factors / Warning Labels Expert

This expert has over 40 years experience in communication messages and interpretation. He currently conducts research concerned with the interpersonal tactics and message strategies that individuals use in the context of problematic social interactions. He also specializes in communicative intention and the adequacy/inadequacy of messages. This includes the question of how people are most likely to interpret messages in particular warning labels, advertising, contracts, ...

Media & Journalism Headshot

Media & Journalism Expert

This distinguished expert is a tenured professor of journalism at a major Midwest university, having held previous academic appointments at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, Indiana University, Universite de Paris, and Universite Laval in Quebec. He has written for Time magazine and has authored authoritative texts on media ethics specific to both the American and Canadian environments. His scholarly research has been funded by major media corporations and various ...

Analytics & Data Science Headshot

Analytics & Data Science Expert

This data analytics expert earned his BS in Economics/Statistics from the University of North Dakota and his Master's Degree in Applied Statistics from The Ohio State University. He is a former senior quantitative analyst at Mattel, where he worked on digital channel analytics covering paid search, display advertising, and website visitation. As an instructor of Database Marketing Analytics at Rocky Mountain Direct Marketing Association, he taught marketers the ...

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