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Engine expert witnesses specialize in a variety of fields, including mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, aerospace engineering, marine engineering, and civil engineering. Some of the most common specialties among engine expert witnesses also include internal combustion engines, diesel engines, jet engines, hybrid power systems, and engine control systems. They have provided opinions on the effects of engine failures, design defects, maintenance issues, fuel efficiency, and emission standards.

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Aviation Expert WitnessView profile


Aviation Expert Witness

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This expert started his aviation career in 1990 while serving in the US Marine Corps as a jet engine mechanic on the CH-53 helicopter. Upon reporting to his duty station, he was selected to fill a security detachment, answered the call of duty and served in the Gulf war. He has since immersed himself into the world of Light Sport Aviation. He is one of very few Rotax engine experts on the...

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click Expert WitnessView profile


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click Expert Witness

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For almost a decade, this expert has managed a San Francisco Bay area consultancy specialized in online advertising and website optimization. He is a Google Certified Partner with agency level support direct from Google. In addition to his private consultancy, he manages the Search Engine Marketing and Pay-Per-Click campaigns for several advertising agencies in Northern California.

Hybrid Electric Vehicles & Diesel Engine Systems Expert WitnessView profile


Hybrid Electric Vehicles & Diesel Engine Systems Expert Witness

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This extremely qualified expert has years of experience in the development of design and control strategies for hybrid electric vehicles. He received his BS degree in mechanical engineering from Purdue University and both his MS and PhD degrees in mechanical engineering from Stanford University. He has received several honors for his outstanding work, including the Max Bentele Award for engine...

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Engine Expert Witness FAQs

An engine expert witness provides specialized knowledge about engines, their design, operation, and maintenance. They can offer insights on issues like engine failure, defects, or improper installation.

Cases involving vehicle accidents, product liability claims, patent disputes, or industrial accidents often require the expertise of an engine expert witness to clarify technical aspects.

Yes, some experts specialize in specific types of engines such as diesel engines, aircraft engines, marine engines, or automotive engines. Their expertise can be crucial in certain cases.

In a product liability case, an engine expert can determine if an engine failure was due to a manufacturing defect, poor design, or improper use. This can help establish fault and liability.

An engine expert can provide detailed analysis on whether a patented design has been infringed upon. They can also testify on the uniqueness and functionality of the patented engine design.

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