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Intellectual Property, Lanham Act, & Trademark Law Headshot

Intellectual Property, Lanham Act, & Trademark Law Expert

This highly-qualified expert earned his JD from the University of Michigan and has focused his career around trademark and intellectual property law. Formerly, this expert has a number of years of experience as a visiting assistant professor at the University of Cincinnati and the University of California, Hastings. He has additional experience as an assistant professor and associate professor at the Northern Kentucky University, before serving as a professor of ...

Damages - Right of Publicity, Copyright, Trademark, Internet, Social Media, SEO Headshot

Damages - Right of Publicity, Copyright, Trademark, Internet, Social Media, SEO Expert

This expert is the founding principal of an intellectual property consulting firm specializing in the management, valuation, and monetization of IP. He is a certified licensing professional (CLP) with over a decade of expertise in intellectual property valuation, profit apportionment and expert witness damages testimony. Additionally, he specializes in analyses for copyright and trademark infringement, publicity rights, social media and Internet infringement, defamation, ...

Intellectual Property Infringement Damages Headshot

Intellectual Property Infringement Damages Expert

This expert is an extensively published economic damages and Intellectual property consultant. He has completed complex consulting assignments involving the valuation and pricing of patents, trademarks, copyrights and other intangible assets. His opinions are used to accomplish licensing transactions, acquisitions, transfer pricing, litigation support, collateral-based financing, and joint ventures. His work has also notably been relied upon with regards to IP ...

Biomedical Patent Licensing & Negotiation Headshot

Biomedical Patent Licensing & Negotiation Expert

This highly qualified expert is the current director of the Office of Technology Transfer and Licensing at a major college in Massachusetts. He previously served as assistant director in the Office of Technology Transfer at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York and was an assistant professor in Virginia Commonwealth University. He has 10+ years of biomedical science research experience and a broad background combining experience in the life sciences, business, and ...

Intellectual Property and Patent Infringement Headshot

Intellectual Property and Patent Infringement Expert

This highly qualified expert has over 40 years of experience before the US Patent and Trademark Office dealing with intellectual property and patent litigation in electronics. He earned his MS in Electrical Engineering at the University of Michigan and then his JD from Georgetown University. He has over 80 patents to his name and has given seminars in his field. He has been an associate attorney and a partner at several intellectual properties and patent firms before ...

Damages & Right of Publicity Headshot

Damages & Right of Publicity Expert

This expert currently works at an intellectual asset consulting firm specializing in trademark, patent and copyright licensing, valuations, and expert testimony. He has worked on branding infringement and Right of Publicity cases for celebrities. Additionally, he has published multiple articles on publicity, rights of publicity, and valuation of clients....

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