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Receive detailed case reviews

Premises Liability Practice Area

Get a comprehensive record analysis for any slip and fall, retail store injury, restaurant injury, or dangerous property case.

Medical Record Review
  • Confirm the merit of a case

    Decipher medical jargon, identify strengths and weaknesses, and determine which files to have formally reviewed by your retained expert.

  • Identify contributing factors

    Reveal any other factors that may have contributed to the accident, including poor maintenance, negligent security, or lack of employee training.

  • Know when to let go

    Identify non-meritorious matters before signing a client or budgeting resources to new matters.

Maximize your damage assessments

Premises Liability Practice Area

Let our physicians determine all possible avenues for securing your clients short- and long-term damage compensation.

Medical Record Review
  • Request a blind imaging read

    Have our radiology consultants conduct blind reads of your client’s imaging studies to reevaluate previous assessments.

  • Workshop your case theory

    Speak with experts in the field to explore alternative theories and confirm you’re presenting the strongest argument.

  • Prepare for court

    Outline advantageous medical arguments with our physicians and review possible angles of attack from the opposition.

Get the strongest experts on your side

Premises Liability Practice Area

Collaborate with the leading experts in any specialty or field of study to secure the best possible outcome for your client.

Expert Search
  • Strategize with researchers

    Collaborate with our case researchers to determine the most effective expert, or combination of experts, to help prove your case theory.

  • Organize multiple phone consultations

    Get perspectives from actively-practicing professionals in a variety of specialties with no obligation to retain an expert.

  • Retain exceptional experts

    Design custom searches for industry experts in any specialty. We only connect you with professionals who meet our award-winning 4-pillar criteria.

Take your expert consulting virtual

Premises Liability Practice Area

Conduct record reviews, communicate with experts, and organize your case history in our cloud-based platform, Expert iQ.

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