Fight for your clients’ intellectual property rights

Intellectual Property

Take on the toughest challenges

Intellectual Property Practice Area

Confidently pursue any intellectual property matter—from patent and trademark infringement to unfair competition and trade secret misappropriation—with the strongest expert support on your side.

Expert Search
  • Dive into details

    Speak with the leading experts in design, technology, pharmaceuticals, and more to reveal the full scope of the infringement and any nuances the case presents.

  • Create a game plan

    Strategize with patent, trademark, and copyright experts one-on-one to prepare the most promising arguments.

  • Strategize with researchers

    Collaborate with our case researchers to determine the most effective expert, or combination of experts, to win your case.

Dig so deep, they’re forced to settle

Intellectual Property Practice Area

Have our researchers do the legwork on your case preparation. We’ll put airtight research and the leading industry experts behind you on every matter, so you can settle sooner.

Expert Search
  • Retain the leading experts in any field

    Design custom searches for industry experts with the exact credentials and experience you need to succeed. We only connect you with professionals who meet our award-winning criteria.

  • Challenge opposing experts

    Receive research reports on the Daubert or Frye challenge history of opposing experts to take down the opposition.

  • Sharpen your trial prep

    Develop technical questions that sharpen your performance during expert deposition or cross-examination.

Take your expert consulting virtual

Intellectual Property Practice Area

Conduct record reviews, communicate with experts, and organize your case history in our cloud-based platform, Expert iQ.

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