Put the right combination of experts together for every motor vehicle accident case

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Thoroughly investigate any auto accident

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No matter what kind of motor vehicle accident you’re handling—car, truck, motorcycle, tractor-trailer, 18-wheeler, bus, bicycle, or pedestrian accident—do your due diligence with record reviews and critical insights from experts in the field.

Phone Consultations
  • Organize multiple phone consultations

    Get perspectives from actively-practicing professionals in a variety of specialties with no obligation to retain an expert.

  • Identify contributing factors

    Reveal any other factors that may have contributed to the accident, including poor maintenance, defective vehicle parts, negligent inspection, or dangerous road conditions.

  • Pinpoint all liable parties

    Review and evaluate the involvement of all parties—from drivers to medical personnel— throughout your client’s accident timeline, and build solid evidence for your case.

Maximize your damage assessments

Auto Bikes and Trucks Practice Area

Let our physicians determine all possible avenues for securing your clients short- and long-term damage compensation.

Medical Record Review
  • Conduct a radiology read

    Have our radiology consultants conduct blind reads of imaging studies to reevaluate previous assessments.

  • Strategize with researchers

    Collaborate with our case researchers to determine the most effective expert, or combination of experts, to help prove your case theory.

  • Get the strongest experts on your side

    Design custom searches for industry experts to conduct a crash investigation, write reports, or offer testimony. We only connect you with professionals who meet our award-winning criteria.

Take your expert consulting virtual

Auto Bikes and Trucks Practice Area

Conduct record reviews, communicate with experts, and organize your case history in our cloud-based platform, Expert iQ.

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