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Assess the merit of a case

Boutique & Niche Practice Area

Work with experts to confirm a case is meritorious before signing a client or budgeting resources to new matters.

Medical Record Review
  • Workshop your case theory

    Speak with actively-practicing professionals on phone consultations to learn about the nuances in your case before retaining an expert.

  • Determine the right expert for your case

    Collaborate with case researchers to pinpoint the most effective expert, or combination of experts, to prove your case theory.

  • Get intel on opposing experts

    Prepare critical questions for trial with custom reports on the opposing expert’s challenge history.

  • Aviation & railway

    Our Expert Searches have connected attorneys with leading experts for cases involving military aircraft theft and large-scale railroad workers’ compensation.

  • Environmental law

    Our Phone Consultations have helped attorneys grasp the extent of environmental regulatory breaches for cases involving toxic sewer remediation and negligent chemical plants.

  • Civil rights

    Our Expert Searches have helped attorneys fight for individuals who were denied their right to vote due to alleged failure to comply with state citizenship records.

  • Domestic terrorism

    Our Expert Searches have helped the victims of domestic terrorist attacks calculate the economic loss occasioned by illicit transactions.

  • Disability advocacy

    Our Phone Consultations have helped attorneys navigate the nuances of the Americans with Disabilities Act in cases involving the wrongful terminations of diabled plaintiffs.

  • Education reform

    Our Expert Searches have connected attorneys with experts in educational policy to advocate on behalf of victims of fraudulent education and sexual assault.

  • Agriculture accidents

    Our Medical Record Review have helped attorneys maximize damage assessments for the victims of defective farming equipment accidents.

  • Data security

    Our Challenge Studies have given attorneys handling data security and computer fraud cases a leg up against opposing experts.

  • Sporting franchises

    Our Challenge Studies have helped attorneys strengthen their trial preparations for franchise termination and lost profit cases.

  • Estate forgery

    Our Phone Consultations have determined whether alleged estate forgery cases warrant expert handwriting examinations.

  • Dog bites

    Our Medical Record Review have identified the strengths and weaknesses of dog bite cases—from fatal attacks on children to injuries suffered by food delivery personnel.

Take your expert consulting virtual

Boutique & Niche Practice Area

Conduct record reviews, communicate with experts, and organize your case history in our cloud-based platform, Expert iQ.

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