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Thoroughly investigate labor and safety disputes

Get the right regulatory and compliance support for workplace safety violations, overtime and wage-hour pay violations, labor union disputes, and employee benefits lawsuits.

Thoroughly investigate labor and safety disputes

Review policy language

Conduct preliminary review of policy language to determine whether you have a case.

Create a game plan

Strategize with labor, legal, OSHA, and economics experts one-on-one to prepare the most promising arguments for court.

Get the strongest experts on your side

Collaborate with our case researchers to determine the most effective expert, or combination of experts, to prove your case theory.

Approach victims of civil rights violations with compassion

Support your clients involved in cases of discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, and defamation with the sharpest expert insights.

Approach victims of civil rights violations with compassion

Organize multiple phone consultations

Get perspectives from actively-practicing professionals in a variety of specialties—from organizational psychology to civil rights—with no obligation to retain an expert.

Workshop your case theory

Collaborate with experts to explore alternative liability and causation theories to hone in on the winning strategies for your client.

Maximize your damage assessments

Determine all possible avenues for securing your client’s short- and long-term damage compensation—including loss of earning potential, emotional distress, and internet infringement.

Tactfully handle sensitive contract breaches

Handle cases involving unfair competition, voidance of restrictive covenants, misappropriation of trade secrets, and breach of confidential information with the utmost discretion.

Tactfully handle sensitive contract breaches

Dig into details

Work with experts to reveal any other factors that may have contributed to the breach, including negligent security or lack of employee training.

Retain exceptional experts

Design custom searches for industry experts in any specialty. We only connect you with professionals who meet our award-winning criteria.

Challenge opposing experts

Access a comprehensive background report and real-time intelligence on opposing experts for a winning edge in the courtroom.

Take your expert consulting virtual

Conduct record reviews, communicate with experts, and organize your case history in our cloud-based platform, Expert iQ.

Take your expert consulting virtual

Discover how our Partnership Program can help your firm recover millions for your clients.

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