The research you need
to chart the best course

Participate in exploratory calls with experts in a range of specialties to determine the most effective case strategy.

Explore a litigation topic

Connect with experts in any field via phone or video to learn more about industry topics related to your case.

a range of

Gather feedback on your fact pattern from several actively-practicing professionals, even if you’re not sure you’ll retain an expert.

Plan your approach

Decide whether to pursue the matter, solidify your theory, and determine the right combination of expert specialties to retain.

In a time crunch?

Assess the merit
of a case

Confirm a case on your desk is meritorious before signing a client or budgeting resources.

Not sure what expert you need?

Get more out of your marketing dollars

Don’t miss the opportunity to keep quality cases you might otherwise have passed up.

Assembling a team?

Expand your case capacity

Grow your practice by taking on more matters outside your wheelhouse.

Hear what the leading experts have to say about your next case.

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