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Transportation Safety Expert Witness | South CarolinaView profile


Transportation Safety Expert Witness | South Carolina

This expert is a certified Director of Safety through the National Committee for Motor Fleet Supervisory Training. He has won a number of awards and is widely recognized in the industry as a leading subject matter expert. He has held numerous top level positions in fleet management, trucking, industry safety, and driver resources. The expert has also been on the boards of several safety...

Trucking Safety Expert Witness | New HampshireView profile


Trucking Safety Expert Witness | New Hampshire

This highly qualified expert has 36 years experience as a tractor trailer driver ans 28 years of experience as a driving instructor. He is trained in OSHA Safety regulations and Departmnent of Transport compliance guidelines, He is a member of numerous professional organizations including the American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association and serves on the board of directors of the New...

Trucking – Transportation Expert Witness | FloridaView profile


Trucking – Transportation Expert Witness | Florida

This experienced trucking expert has been trained in safety supervision and accident investigation by the American Trucking Association and the North American Transportation Management Institute. He is a certified Director of Safety and a certified Driver Trainer. He has held a number of transportation safety, training, and management positions throughout his career and has specialized in...

Truck Maintenance Expert Witness | New JerseyView profile


Truck Maintenance Expert Witness | New Jersey

This expert has 40+ years of experience in the trucking and logistics industry, with the bulk of his experience in fleet maintenance. He has consulted for actors in the logistics space and is comfortable working with attorneys. For two decades he served as the director of maintenance for what was at the time the country's fourth largest freight tucking company: A-P-A Trucking. Later in his...

Transportation & Trucking Expert Witness | AlabamaView profile


Transportation & Trucking Expert Witness | Alabama

This expert has 35+ years of experience providing safety and loss control for the Trucking Industry. He is certified by the National Association of Safety Professionals and the North American Transportation Management Institution. He has completed several courses regarding safety, loss control and compliance issues. Previously, this expert served as the Director of Loss Control and Safety for the...

Large Fleet Management and Maintenance Expert Witness | MissouriView profile


Large Fleet Management and Maintenance Expert Witness | Missouri

This expert has over 40 years of trucking industry management experience in the Midwest region plus five years industry sales experience. He has been the Director of Maintenance for Schneider Transport, Inc., J. B. Hunt, Ruan Transportation, and Prime where he oversaw fleet logistics and maintenance, as well as coordinated all operational aspects from presentation, planning, implementation,...

Trucking Safety Expert Witness | OhioView profile


Trucking Safety Expert Witness | Ohio

This expert has been working with commercial vehicles for over 40 years. He has directed multiple freight trucking companies, and currently he runs his own transportation service company, offering consulting services as well as training for maintenance, operation, performance, safety, and regulations related to commercial vehicles. This expert has published numerous articles on commercial truck...

Trucking Inspection Expert Witness | WisconsinView profile


Trucking Inspection Expert Witness | Wisconsin

This qualified expert of Trucking Inspection obtained his Technical Diploma in Auto Diesel Technology from the Nashville Auto Diesel College and currently pursuing a BA in Business at Ashworth College. He is Certified in CDL A Truck Driving, DOT Inspection, ASE (Auto Service Excellence) in A/C repair, TWIC (International Transportation) and is currently an Assistant Service Manager for a Trucking...

Truck Maintenance Expert Witness | UtahView profile


Truck Maintenance Expert Witness | Utah

This expert has served as a heavy equipment mechanic and maintenance specialist for over 30 years. He is ASE certified in 8 different areas as a Medium/Heavy Truck Technician and 5 areas as an Automotive Technician. He is a former mechanic for the Utah Transit Authority where he performed maintenance and repairs in a variety of areas including suspensions, rotors, brake systems, and hydraulic...

Paul HerbertView profile

ID: 128938

Mr. Paul Herbert

Mr. V. Paul Herbert has 47 years of experience in Transportation with expertise in Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety and Compliance. Formerly, this expert served as the Assistant Director and Hazardous Materials Specialist at California Trucking Association, as Director of Safety and Personnel at Kings County Truck Lines, and as General Manager at American Refrigerated Transport, Inc. Currently,...

Ronald Glenn AshbyView profile

ID: 221414

Mr. Ronald Glenn Ashby

Mr. Ronald G. Ashby has 49 years of experience in Transportation. He earned his BA in History, Political Science and Government from Western Kentucky University. Formerly, this expert served as a Program Manager in the State Programs Division, Safety Investigator in the Federal Highway Administration, and as the Officer-in-Charge in the Louisiana Division of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety...

Mark Lynn RespassView profile

ID: 557052

Mr. Mark Lynn Respass

Mr. Mark Lynn Respass has over 29 years of experience in the field of Trucking Logistics. This expert holds a Class A Commercial Driver's License. Formerly, this expert held roles as the Director of Safety at Pacific Shipping and Trucking, and at Western Distributing Transportation Corporation. He also served as the Senior Director of Safety and Compliance at Yellow Corporation. Currently, he...

Christina Diane KellyView profile

ID: 6219005

Ms. Christina Diane Kelly

Ms. Christina D. Kelly has 33 years of experience in the fields of Trucking and Commercial Vehicle Operations. Formerly, this expert served as the Director of Fleet Recruiting at Celadon Trucking Services, Inc., the Vice President at Successful Management Development Transportation Resources, Inc., and as a Transportation Safety Consultant at Wolf Technical Services, Inc. Currently, this expert...

David Michael MohonView profile

ID: 6254234

Mr. David Michael Mohon

David M. Mohon has over 50 years of experience in the field of Public Safety. Formerly, this expert served as a Texas State Trooper in the Departments of Highway Patrol Services and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement, as well as a Compliance Review Auditor. Additionally, he served as the Safety Director at Southern Mail Service. Currently, this expert is the Principal and Safety Consultant at...

Michael Allen O’DellView profile

ID: 6360993

Mr. Michael Allen O’Dell

Mr. Michael Allen O'Dell has over 25 years of experience in Trucking, Transportation, and Regulatory Compliance. He earned his HS Diploma from Aberdeen High School. Formerly, this expert served as a Dockworker, Driver, and Operations Supervisor at Overnite Transportation and Tractor Trailer Driver, Driver Development Instructor, and Driver Advisor at FedEx Freight. Currently, he is an Associate...

John Paul HolderView profile

ID: 6765037

Mr. John Paul Holder

Mr. John P. Holder has 44 years of experience in Trucking and Transportation Compliance. Formerly, this expert served as a Motor Carrier Specialist for the Michigan State Police and as a Risk Consultant Manager for Ryder System Inc. Currently, this expert serves as a Department of Transportation Compliance Expert at Transportation Compliance Experts, Inc.

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