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Petroleum expert witnesses specialize in a variety of fields, including oil and gas exploration, petroleum engineering, energy economics, and environmental impact assessments. Some of the most common specialties among petroleum expert witnesses include drilling operations, reservoir management, pipeline systems, offshore platforms, and hydraulic fracturing. They have provided opinions on the effects of oil spills, fracking practices, drilling accidents, resource valuation, and environmental contamination.

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Daniel T Reineke Sr, PEView profile

ID: 6498154

Mr. Daniel T Reineke Sr, PE

Mr. Daniel T. Reineke has 48 years of experience in Engineering and Mechanics. He earned his BS in Petroleum Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. Today, this expert is licensed as a Professional Engineer in Utah and Oklahoma. Formerly, this expert served as a District Engineer at Kansas - Nebraska Natural Gas Company, as a Division Engineer at Samedan Oil Corporation, and as the...

Petrochemicals Expert Witness | TexasView profile


Petrochemicals Expert Witness | Texas

This highly qualified chemical engineer has more than 40 years of experience in the design and operation of petroleum refineries, oil terminals, and petrochemical plants. Much of his work originates at executing process simulators, including simulations in petroleum refining, ethylene, fine chemicals, reforming processes, dehydration, distillation, and gas processing. For the past 30+ years, this...


David Watson, PEView profile

ID: 6769994

Mr. David Watson, PE

Mr. David Watson has 45 years of experience in Petroleum Engineering. He earned his BS in Petroleum Engineering from Texas Tech University. Today, this expert is licensed as a Professional Engineer in the states of California, Louisiana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Texas, Utah, Wyoming, Mississippi, and Colorado. Formerly, the expert held roles as a Drilling Engineer Advisor at Unocal Corporation...


Biofuels & Biotechnology Expert Witness | South CarolinaView profile


Biofuels & Biotechnology Expert Witness | South Carolina

This expert has over 36 years of experience in petroleum, biofuel, and chemical engineering. A senior member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, he has delivered over 50 presentations and speeches across the globe at conferences such as the World Fuels Conference. As a Product Manager with Crown Iron Works Company, this expert led their biodiesel initiative to position the company as...

William Dee Griffin, PEView profile

ID: 6935985

Mr. William Dee Griffin, PE

Mr. William D. Griffin has 51 years of experience in Petroleum Engineering and he earned his BS in Chemical Engineering from Texas Tech University. Today, this expert is licensed as a Professional Engineer in the States of Texas and Louisiana. Formerly, this expert served as a Special Projects Engineer and as a Reservoir Engineering Group Supervisor with Amoco Production Company. He was also the...

Fracking Tools & Applications Expert Witness | TexasView profile


Fracking Tools & Applications Expert Witness | Texas

This qualified expert of Fracking Tools & Applications obtained his BS in Chemistry from Oklahoma State University and is a member of multiple Chemistry and Petroleum Professional Societies. This expert has more than forty five years of experience in both research, development, and field use of acidizing and fracturing fluids. He has worldwide experience in fracturing and acidizing stimulation,...

Petroleum & Natural Gas Economics Expert Witness | WyomingView profile


Petroleum & Natural Gas Economics Expert Witness | Wyoming

This expert is the Chair in Petroleum and Natural Gas Economics at a major university in the western US. He is an internationally trusted scholar of environmental and resource economics, having served as the managing editor of the top global journal in this field. His current research interests include modeling prices for crude oil and natural gas, the role of delivery infrastructure in natural...

Natural Gas Engineering Expert Witness | TexasView profile


Natural Gas Engineering Expert Witness | Texas

This qualified expert is a professional engineer who earned his BS from Texas A&M University and his MBA from the University of Houston. He is an advisory board member of GasPro Americas and the Gas to Liquid Technology Forum. Formerly, this expert has served various roles in the gas industry such as an Energy Consultant for Purvin & Gertz, a Gas Plants Manager for Hess Corporation, a VP at...

Oil and Gas Engineering Expert Witness | TexasView profile


Oil and Gas Engineering Expert Witness | Texas

This expert on Oil and Gas Engineering has been in the industry for 30+ years. He has experience with engineering, engineering management, and forensic engineering investigations. He possesses a thorough understanding of design, construction, and operational needs. He obtained his BS in Mechanical Engineering from New Mexico State University and his MS in Industrial Engineering from the...

Petroleum Expert Witness FAQs

What is the role of a petroleum expert witness in legal proceedings?

A petroleum expert witness provides specialized knowledge in oil and gas industry matters, including exploration, drilling, production, refining, and marketing. They can offer insights on technical issues, industry standards, and regulatory compliance.

What types of cases might require a petroleum expert witness?

Cases involving oil spills, environmental damage, industrial accidents, patent disputes over petroleum technology, or contractual disputes in the oil and gas industry often require a petroleum expert witness.

Can a petroleum expert witness help with cases related to fracking?

Yes. Petroleum experts can provide valuable insights into hydraulic fracturing (fracking) operations, potential risks involved, industry best practices, and regulatory standards.

Are there subspecialties within the field of petroleum expertise?

Yes. Subspecialties can include upstream operations like exploration and drilling, midstream processes like transportation and storage, and downstream activities like refining and marketing.

How can a petroleum expert witness assist in an oil spill litigation case?

In oil spill cases, a petroleum expert can analyze factors such as cause of the spill, adherence to safety protocols, cleanup efforts, environmental impact assessment, and estimation of damages.

How does Expert Institute select its Petroleum expert witnesses?

Expert Institute offers a personalized approach to help you find the highest quality experts. We source actively-practicing professionals who match all your requirements for specialty areas, work experience, litigation history, fee range, certifications, location, and more.

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