Expert Qualifications

This highly-qualified expert has 25 years of experience in the field of computer software and telecommunications. He currently holds 11 patents. This expert has developed several mobile phone applications and is credited with developing the first VOIP application. He has held a number of distinguished positions throughout his career, including chief technology officer of Inforum Communications, O1 Communications, and Vysk Communications. He has also served as the vice president of voice over IP for Currently, this expert is a senior software developer for an audio and video product manufacturer in California.

Bio Snapshot

  • Location: TX
  • 11 Patents
  • Former, Chief Technology Officer, Inforum Communications
  • Former, Chief Software Architect,
  • Former, Vice President, Voice Over IP,
  • Former, Senior Software Developer, Visan
  • Former, Software Development Manager, Firespring
  • Former, Senior Software Architect, SuperMedia LLC
  • Former, Senior Mobile App Developer, Media Panache LLC
  • Former, Chief Technology Officer, Transportation Security Enterprises
  • Former, Chief Technology Officer, O1 Communications
  • Former, Lead Mobile Architect & Integrations Architect, CPSG Partners
  • Former, Senior Applications Architect and Engineer, Prodea Systems
  • Former, Chief Technology Officer, Vysk Communications
  • Current, Senior Software Developer, an audio and video product manufacturer in CA

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Computer Science Expert

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