Expert Qualifications

This highly qualified expert has an investigative background having served in Law Enforcement (State & Federal), Fire Service, Fire & Arson Investigation, Emergency Medical, Search & Rescue and Criminal Investigation fields. He formerly was a Police Officer, a Federal Law Enforcement Officer and a Firefighter who specialized in fire, arson and explosion investigation. He currently owns and operates an Indoor Environmental Consulting company in AK that specializes in the combination of Cold Climate Building Science and Indoor Environmental Issues for both residential and commercial buildings. His unique combination of certifications and skills takes him to all corners of Alaska, mostly working as a consultant to the cause and remedy of indoor environmental issues with focus on Mold Contamination and Air Quality. He has extensive experience deposition and court room testimony. Most recently working with Moldy building and occupancy issues through deposition hearings and courtroom testimony in several Alaska cases.

Bio Snapshot

  • Location: Alaska
  • Former, Certified - ASE, Automotive Technician, Wrangell Alaska
  • Former, Certified APSC Police Officer/Investigator, Wrangell Police Department
  • Former, NAFI Certified Firefighter/Arson Investigator, Wrangell Fire Department
  • Former, Certified 1800 Series Federal Law Enforcement Officer, US Forest Service
  • Certified, EPA/AHERA Certified Building Inspector
  • Certifiedertified, EPA/AHERA Certified Contractor Supervisor
  • Certified, EPA/AHERA Certified Project Designer
  • Certified, EPA Certified Lead Contractor/Inspector
  • Current, Alaska Licensed Home Inspector
  • Current, Owner - Inspections & Environmental Testing Consulting Company
  • Current, Senior Associate - environmental and building science company

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