Expert Qualifications

This highly qualified expert has over 38 years of experience working as an engineer. He received his Bachelor's degree in civil engineering from the University of Dayton and then went on to Drexel University to take graduate courses in engineering management. He is a former associate stress engineer at Grumman Aerospace Corporation, was a lead stress engineer at General Electric in the Astro Space division, and was a program manager at 3-D Structures Inc. He serves as the current president of a Pennsylvania engineering company. This expert also serves as a Structures designated engineering representative (DER) for the FAA.

Bio Snapshot

  • Location: PA
  • BS, Civil Engineering, University of Dayton
  • MS, Engineering Management Program, Drexel University
  • Licensed, Professional Engineer, PA, NY, VA, FL, CT, CO, NJ
  • Member, Designated Engineering Representative, FAA
  • Former, Associate Stress Engineer, Grumman Aerospace Corporation
  • Former, Lead Stress Engineer, General Electric Astro Space Division
  • Former, Program Manager, 3-D Structures Inc
  • Current, President, a PA Engineering Company

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