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Biomechanical Engineering Headshot

Biomechanical Engineering Expert

This expert has over 30 years of experience in biomechanical engineering. He earned a BS and MS in engineering mechanics, as well as a PhD in applied mechanics in bioengineering, from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. He has published over 80 peer-reviewed journal articles, books and book chapters and holds privileges as a peer-reviewer for several biomechanical engineering journals. In addition, he is a member of numerous professional societies including the ...

Biomechanics - Injury Mechanisms Headshot

Biomechanics - Injury Mechanisms Expert

This highly qualified expert in biomechanics has over 20 years of professional experience in areas such as use of force, bulletproof vests, sports, and many more. She received her BS in nursing from Nazareth College, her MS in bioengineering from the University of Michigan and her MS in mechanical engineering from Wayne State University. This expert then went on to complete her PhD in biomedical engineering from Wayne State University. She is a member of various ...

Biomechanics Headshot

Biomechanics Expert

This expert in biomechanical engineering has studied typical and perturbed patterns of postural and gait initiation and computational biomechanics of the human finger. She has used her biomechanics acumen to assist in the development of: a shock-resistant mission module support system and energy absorbing and crashworthy seats for helicopters. Her efforts assisted in redefining the recommended lumbar load tolerances for improving the crashworthiness of seating in naval ...

Medical Devices, Electric Shock Headshot

Medical Devices, Electric Shock Expert

This qualified electric shock expert obtained his BS and MS in Bioengineering and Engineering Science from Stanford University and his PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Duke University. He is a Certified Professional Engineer and is a member of multiple engineering and bioengineering associations. The expert has published 75+ articles on electric shock and medical devices. He is an Emeritus Professor of Biomedical Engineering at a top university in the South and remains ...

Biomechanics Headshot

Biomechanics Expert

This expert earned his BS at Duke University, and his PhD in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Virginia. He has received $268,003 in funded support, and has been involved in the writing of 10 grant proposals for research in his field. He has authored 12 publications, and serves as a reviewer for several scientific journals, including the Journal of Biomechanical Engineering. He is an active member of both the Orthopaedic Research Society, as well as the ...

Biomechanics & Spinal Cord Injury Headshot

Biomechanics & Spinal Cord Injury Expert

This expert in the biomechanics of the human spine earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania and his doctorate in biomedical engineering from Duke University, where he researched spinal trauma. In recognition of his scholarly contributions, the Orthopedic Trauma Association granted him the 'Best Paper' award for his work on spine trauma and the spine's response to loads. He has served as a reviewer for the both the 'Journal of Biomechanics' and ...

Biomechanics and Kinesiology Headshot

Biomechanics and Kinesiology Expert

This expert received his MSc and PhD in Biomechanics from the University of Waterloo (Canada), and followed up with a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Mobility at Toronto Rehab Institute/Sunnybrook Hospital/University of Toronto. He has over 25 years of experience in biomechanics and kinesiology of human movement. His clinical and research work has included orthotics & prosthetics, footwear, back injury, and neurological disorders (cerebral palsy, myelomeningocele, stroke, ...

Biomechanics Headshot

Biomechanics Expert

This expert specializes in injury biomechanics and automotive accident reconstruction. An alumnus of Texas A&M University's bioengineering program, he has 20+ years of accident analysis experience. In addition to consulting, he is involved in the research and testing of automotive bumper systems, having conducted numerous vehicular test collisions with human test subjects....

Biomechanical and Mechanical Engineering Headshot

Biomechanical and Mechanical Engineering Expert

This expert's major practice area involves the scientific investigation of accidents resulting in injury. He utilizes the information provided by injuries and mechanical failure of objects to reconstruct the events of an accident and answer questions related to liability. He holds a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University and a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Drexel University. This expert is a licensed professional engineer and has ...

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