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Marine Transportation Safety and Vessel Security Expert Witness | MassachusettsView profile


Marine Transportation Safety and Vessel Security Expert Witness | Massachusetts

This expert has been working on and with seafaring vessels for over 40 years. He graduated from Massachusetts Maritime Academy with a B.S. in Nautical Science and Marine Transportation and holds a U.S. Coast Guard Master License. A retired Captain of the Untied States Navy, he served on numerous Navy warships and was the Head of Maritime Affairs for the Chief of Naval Operations during Operations...

Admiralty  Maritime  and Boating Safety Expert Witness | FloridaView profile


Admiralty Maritime and Boating Safety Expert Witness | Florida

This expert is well versed in all areas of maritime safety and regulation. He spent 30 years in the United States Coast Guard serving as a Boatswains Mate and Chief Warrant Officer, among other positions in operations and safety. He has conducted a myriad of law enforcement boardings to ensure vessels were in compliance with federal law and safety requirements. He is Coast Guard trained in Jones...

Fisheries Expert Witness |View profile


Fisheries Expert Witness |

This expert has over 50 years of experience in the fisheries industry. Most of his career was spent at the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations in various positions including Fisheries Economist and Project Manager. He participates in regional and international fisheries conferences and contributes specialized fisheries articles for publication in regional and international...

Marine Engineering and Mooring System Expert Witness | TexasView profile


Marine Engineering and Mooring System Expert Witness | Texas

This expert has been working with floating drilling and production vessels for over 40 years. He completed his undergraduate studies in Civil Engineering in Hong Kong prior to earning an M.S. and Ph.D. in Structural Engineering from the University of Houston. He began his career as a Design Engineer and Computer Specialist with The Offshore Company, where for 6 years he performed analyses for the...

Maritime Operations Expert Witness | FloridaView profile


Maritime Operations Expert Witness | Florida

This highly qualified maritime safety expert has been captaining ships for more than 30 years. He is trained in all operations of maritime operations and safety and has instructed on ships and ship safety extensively. He currently owns his own maritime safety and transportation logistics consulting firm, where he conducts training in the class room, in ports, and aboard ships.

Cruise Ship Medicine Expert Witness | CaliforniaView profile


Cruise Ship Medicine Expert Witness | California

This cruise ship physician, trained in emergency medicine, earned his MBBS (British equivalent of MD) at London's top medical institution. He has more than 18 years of experience in acute clinical medicine and more than 7 years working in the cruise ship industry, both as shoreside management and at sea as a ship physician. He began his career as a Senior Physician at Carnival Cruise Lines,...

Coastal Engineering Expert Witness | FloridaView profile


Coastal Engineering Expert Witness | Florida

This expert is a coastal engineer with 16 years of experience in engineering and project management. His wide-ranging expertise includes dredging and navigation studies, wave and hydrodynamic studies, beach nourishment, physical and numerical modeling, feasibility studies, design of traditional and innovative short protection structures, and coast flood plain mapping. He has considerable...

Cruise Ship Captaining and Operation Expert Witness | ConnecticutView profile


Cruise Ship Captaining and Operation Expert Witness | Connecticut

This highly experienced expert has spent over 45 years in maritime-focused education, work, and consulting. He studied at Metropolitan University in London, where obtained a Master of Foreign Going degree. The expert also completed many other nautical courses and served in roles ranging from Sub-Lieutenant to Commander with the Royal Naval Reserve. He was a Chief Officer with P&O Cruises and then...

Maritime Safety & Security Expert Witness | New JerseyView profile


Maritime Safety & Security Expert Witness | New Jersey

This maritime safety and security expert spent 38 years working for the Horizon Lines / CSX Lines / Sea-Land Service entity, most recently serving as the Director of Marine Services from 1995 until 2013. In this position, he was responsible for vessel safety and security, crew management, and operations oversight. He launched an emergency response system during his tenure and also implemented new...

Dock Engineering & Design Expert Witness | South CarolinaView profile


Dock Engineering & Design Expert Witness | South Carolina

This expert is a registered Professional Engineer in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Ohio with 40+ years working in structure design for marinas and waterfront facilities. Currently, he represents clients in special projects, expert testimony, marina/waterfront design, and regulatory matters through his personal consulting business. The expert earned his B.S. in...

Maritime Safety & Jones Act Personal Injury Expert Witness | TexasView profile


Maritime Safety & Jones Act Personal Injury Expert Witness | Texas

This expert has a quarter century of experience in offshore and high-level onshore marine related positions in the maritime and offshore oil and gas industries. A United States Coast Guard licensed Master since 2007, her background includes operational experience on container vessels, tankers, general cargo vessels, Ro-Ros, LMSRs, research vessels, and yard patrol craft. Her knowledge base also...

David Stewart Smith, MEd, PhDView profile

ID: 134438

Dr. David Stewart Smith, MEd, PhD

Dr. David S. Smith has over 56 years of experience in Aquatic Safety and Maritime Accident Reconstruction. He earned his BS in Naval Science from the United States Coast Guard Academy, his M.Ed. from American University Washington DC, and his Ph.D. in Education from Saint Louis University. Formerly, this expert served in the U.S. Coast Guard, retiring as a Chief of the Boating Safety Division....

Robert Mark Jarvis, JDView profile

ID: 684088

Prof. Robert Mark Jarvis, JD

Professor Robert M. Jarvis has 39 years of experience in the field of Law. He earned his BA from Northwestern University, his Master of Laws (LLM) from New York University, and then his JD from the University of Pennsylvania. Today, this expert is a licensed Attorney in the states of Florida and New York. Formerly, this expert was an Associate at Baker McKenzie and an Associate Professor of Law...

Tomas Octavio BustoView profile

ID: 6841710

Mr. Tomas Octavio Busto

Captain Tomas O. Busto has 31 years of experience in the Maritime Industry. He earned his BBA in Management from Universidad del Sagrado Corazón and then his BS in Marine Transportation from Texas A&M University Galveston. He previously worked for Royal Caribbean International and Royal Caribbean Group where he served as a 1st Officer and Chief Officer, a staff Captain and Second in Command, and...

Richard Allen MuellerView profile

ID: 6935852

Mr. Richard Allen Mueller

Mr. Richard A. Mueller has 39 years of experience in Maritime and Boating Safety. He graduated from Olmsted Falls High School and he formerly served as a Salesman with Hyde Products, Inc. Currently, this expert is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Northeast Technical Services Co., Inc. and the Chief Executive Officer of Choice Ballast Solutions.

Richard Thomas Nicholls, MBA, PEView profile

ID: 6935853

Mr. Richard Thomas Nicholls, MBA, PE

Mr. Richard T. Nicholls has 49 years of experience in Marine Engineering. He earned his BS in Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture from the University of Michigan, his MEng from Stevens Institute of Technology, and his MBA from Baldwin Wallace University. Today, this expert is licensed as a Professional Engineer in the States of Florida, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Formerly, this expert served as a...

Maritime Expert Witness Case Studies

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    Ship Worker Gets Mesothelioma From Using Asbestos Rope

    January 10, 2022

    This case involves a ship worker who worked in the shipping industry for 7 years. The worker started working on board ships as a helper removing...

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    Contaminated Water Causes Serious Infection

    January 6, 2022

    This case takes place in Pennsylvania and involves an employee of a large fishing vessel which had been operating in the Bering Sea for several...

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    Marina Sues Insurer For Denying Claim Regarding Commercial Vessel Damage

    January 6, 2022

    This case involves a maritime insurance bad faith claim. An insured marina sued their insurer for damages allegedly caused by the mismanagement of...

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    Maritime Expert’s Opinion Challenged for Relying on Sworn Lay Witness Testimony

    January 10, 2022

    Court: United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida Jurisdiction: Federal Case Name:

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