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Prison expert witnesses specialize in a variety of fields, including criminal justice, law enforcement, corrections, prison management, and inmate behavior. Some of the most common specialties among prison expert witnesses include prisoner rights, correctional healthcare, jail operations, prison safety standards, and inmate mental health. They have provided opinions on the effects of overcrowding in prisons, solitary confinement practices, inmate suicide prevention measures, use of force by correctional officers, and provision of medical care to inmates.

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Christine test DynanView profile

ID: 6072852

Ms. Christine test Dynan

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Ms. Christine Dynan has over 29 years of experience in Correctional Administration, Legal Compliance, and Program Management. She earned her BS and MS in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University. She is also active in her field as a member of the American Correctional Association (ACA). Formerly, this expert served as a Human Resources Manager at Federal Correctional Institution, as a Case...

Criminology Expert WitnessView profile


Criminology Expert Witness

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This highly qualified expert has years of experience in the field of premises liability. He received his PhD in criminology from Florida State University and is a certified protection professional by the American Society for Industrial Security. He is a member of various renowned professional associations, including the American Correctional Association, the International Society of Crime...

James Paul MoeserView profile

ID: 6708291

Mr. James Paul Moeser

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Mr. Jim Moeser has over 40 years of experience in Juvenile Detention and Corrections. Formerly, this expert served as a Juvenile Court Administrator for the County of Dane Wisconsin, as Administrator of the Division of Juvenile Corrections at the State of Wisconsin Department of Corrections, and as Deputy Director for the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families. Currently, he works as an...

Correctional Medicine Expert WitnessView profile


Correctional Medicine Expert Witness

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This highly qualified expert is board certified in emergency medicine. He received his medical degree from the State University of New York, Syracuse. He completed his medical internship at Scripps Mercy hospital and residency at UC San Diego where he also completed a two year hospital administrative fellowship. He also holds a Master's degree in Business Administration from University of...

Neil Lavell Eddins JrView profile

ID: 6708293

Mr. Neil Lavell Eddins Jr

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Mr. Neil L. Eddins Jr. has 33 years of experience in Criminal Justice and Juvenile Corrections. He earned his BA in Criminal Justice from the University of Central Oklahoma. Formerly, this expert served as a Juvenile Probation Officer II at Randall County Juvenile Probation. From 1995 until his retirement in 2022, he worked at Randall County Juvenile Probation's Youth Center of the High Plains...

Jail Operations &  Policy and Procedure Expert WitnessView profile


Jail Operations & Policy and Procedure Expert Witness

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This expert has been employed as a corrections consultant and expert witness since 2013. He is a former board member and certified instructor for the Michigan Sheriffs' Coordinating and Training Council. He was a full-time certified police officer for over 33 years, with the last 26 years at a mid-sized Sheriff's Office. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, has extensive experience in...


Hillary SanfordView profile

ID: 26679

Hillary Sanford

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This highly qualified registered nurse received her BS in nursing from the University of Memphis and her MS in nursing from Norwich University. She is certified in basic life support and advanced cardiac life support. Formerly, this expert served as an emergency room nurse, medical ICU nurse, and interventional radiology nurse at Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare. She also worked as a registered...

Internal Affairs & Prison security Expert WitnessView profile


Internal Affairs & Prison security Expert Witness

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This expert is an internal affairs specialist with over 26 years in the industry. His career began as a correctional officer at multiple locations before becoming a Special Agent in the California Office of Internal Affairs. He has reviewed thousands of cases during his time there. He is currently acting as an internal affairs consultant and has completed one expert declaration for a case...

Valerie ThumbtzenView profile

ID: 41007

Valerie Thumbtzen

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This expert is a registered nurse with over 9 years of nursing experience. She received her associate of science in nursing from ITT Technical Institute. She formerly worked at the Apalachee Center where she handled the intake and discharge of mentally ill patients. She currently works as a registered nurse at a nursing and rehabilitation center as well as a licensed practical nurse/registered...

Residential Treatment Program Security Expert WitnessView profile


Residential Treatment Program Security Expert Witness

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This expert has extensive experience in residential operations for correctional and treatment settings. He entered the field in the late 1970s, serving as the Director of Juvenile Services for Massachusetts Halfway Houses. More recently, the expert was the Director of Quality Assurance for the Department of Juvenile Services in Baltimore and the Quality Assurance Manager with Spectrum Health...

Thomas RoomeView profile

ID: 44432

Mr. Thomas Roome

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New York

This highly qualified correctional healthcare administration expert has over a decade of experience in his field. He earned his AA in liberal studies from SUNY College of Technology and his BSN from SUNY Binghampton. He served in the US Army as a medic before working as a medical-surgical registered nurse at Lenox Hill Hospital. He briefly served as owner and vice president of Warwick Valley...

Civil Rights Litigation & Prison and Jail Litigation Expert WitnessView profile


Civil Rights Litigation & Prison and Jail Litigation Expert Witness

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New Mexico

This highly qualified expert has 15 years of experience as an attorney working on civil rights litigation and prison and jail litigation, as well as the legal malpractice involving these areas. She received her BA in political science and English literature from the University of Memphis and her MALA in Western classics from St. John's College before earning her JD at the University of New...

Prison Expert Witness FAQs

What is the role of a prison expert witness in legal proceedings?

A prison expert witness provides specialized knowledge about prison operations, inmate rights, and correctional standards to assist in court cases.

What types of cases can a prison expert witness contribute to?

They can contribute to cases involving prisoner abuse, wrongful death, negligence, overcrowding, or violation of constitutional rights.

Can a prison expert witness provide insight into specific subspecialties such as juvenile detention centers?

Yes, many prison expert witnesses have experience in various subspecialties including juvenile detention, maximum security prisons, and private correctional facilities.

How does a prison expert witness's testimony impact a case involving alleged prisoner mistreatment?

Their testimony can help establish if standard procedures were followed or violated, potentially influencing the outcome of the case.

Why is it important to hire a prison expert witness with experience in correctional healthcare for medical negligence cases?

Such an expert can provide critical insights into whether appropriate medical care was provided according to correctional healthcare standards.

How does Expert Institute select its Prison expert witnesses?

Expert Institute offers a personalized approach to help you find the highest quality experts. We source actively-practicing professionals who match all your requirements for specialty areas, work experience, litigation history, fee range, certifications, location, and more.

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