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Forensic Alcohol & Controlled Substances Analysis Headshot

Forensic Alcohol & Controlled Substances Analysis Expert

This qualified expert in criminology and controlled substances earned her BS in chemistry from the University of North Carolina Wilmington and her MS in forensic sciences from George Washington University. She is certified as a forensic alcohol analyst and a chemical analyst and is active in her field as a member of professional associations including the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors and the Association of Forensic Quality Assurance Managers. She ...

Criminology, Security Management Headshot

Criminology, Security Management Expert

This highly qualified and board certified expert has over 40 years of experience in Security Management. He received his BA, MA and PhD from Wayne State University and is board certified in the American Society for Industrial Security and Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology and is also a Licensed Social Worker. He has published 75+ Journal Articles on security, safety and criminal justice. He is currently serving as Emeritus Professor in the Sociology and ...

Law Enforcement Headshot

Law Enforcement Expert

This veteran police over spent nearly three decades with the Los Angeles and Santa Rosa Police Departments. He was an Officer in Los Angeles until 1991 and then served in Santa Rosa until 2015, where he was a Lieutenant and Investigative Bureau Commander. The expert has obtained his B.S. in Criminal Justice from California Coast University and has delivered several presentations in the field. He is a certified SWAT/HNT Commander and a certified National Instructor....

Law Enforcement & Policing Standards Headshot

Law Enforcement & Policing Standards Expert

This highly qualified expert has 25 years of law enforcement experience, ten of which included police management. Prior to retirement, this expert was Chief of Police of the Waterbury Police Department, where this this expert helped to develop crime prevention and community policing strategies and ended three consecutive years with a budget surplus. This expert has won several awards, including Humanitarian Award, Police Officer of the Year and Person of the Year Award, ...

Security Headshot

Security Expert

This expert has a 22 year career with the Houston Police Department demonstrating a vast range of skills and expertise in public safety, threat/crisis management, criminal investigation, and hostage negotiation. He has expertise as an interviewer/interrogator with more than 20 years experience conducting thousands of interviews or interrogations. He contributed to the development of a highly competent and principled investigative team with the Houston Police Department ...

Law Enforcement Procedures Headshot

Law Enforcement Procedures Expert

This expert is recognized by CNN, FOX News, PIX 11 News, BBC, the United Nations Associated Press and a multitude of other media outlets as an expert in police tactics and procedures. He served 20 years in the NYPD, where he trained recruits in the Police Academy and investigated police corruption and misconduct as a Lieutenant in the Internal Affairs Bureau. He holds a doctoral degree from Fordham University and currently teaches Criminal Justice at two New York City ...

Criminology Headshot

Criminology Expert

This highly qualified expert has years of experience in the field of premises liability. He received his PhD in criminology from Florida State University and is a certified protection professional by the American Society for Industrial Security. He is a member of various renowned professional associations, including the American Correctional Association, the International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners, the Florida Crime Prevention Association and the National ...

Security Headshot

Security Expert

This security management expert has been in the field for more than 30 years. A Certified Protection Professional, he is extensively published and holds membership in both the American Society for Industrial Security and the International Association of Professional Security Consultants. He has lectured on security and criminology at the university level for multiple schools, including the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School and John Jay College of Criminal ...

Corrections Headshot

Corrections Expert

Location: CA AS, Criminology, Truckee Meadows Community College BS, Criminal Justice Administration, University of Phoenix MS, Justice Management, University of Nevada Member, American Jail Association Member, International Association of Chiefs of Police Member, California Jail Programs Association Member, California State Sheriffs Association Certified, Jail Manager, American Jail Association Certified, Peace Officer, Category III, Nevada POST Former, ...

General & Forensic Psychiatry Headshot

General & Forensic Psychiatry Expert

This highly qualified and awarded expert is double board certified in general psychiatry and forensic psychiatry. Currently this expert is a clinical assistant professor and the chief of forensic psychiatry at a major medical school. He earned his MD at the University of Florida, completed his residency training in psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh. He completed his fellowship in Forensic Psychiatry at University of California Davis. Along with his clinical ...

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