Expert Qualifications

This expert has significant experience in the development of new products and new test methods for their evaluation, including emerging nano and bio technology based products for healthcare, body protection, space exploration, etc. applications. His research contributions cover the areas of objective evaluation of subjective properties, the study of structure-property relationships, and process/product optimization. He completed his BS and MS in Textile Technology at the University of Madras. In addition, he is active in his field serving as a leader in several AATCC technical committees and in the Fiber Society. Formerly, he held roles as Professor of Textile Technology at the University of Madras, Research Associate at North Carolina State University, and Research Scientist at Georgia Institute of Technology. Currently, he serves as Principal Research Scientist at Georgia Institute of Technology. In this position, he coordinates the industry support activities of his school and works extensively with the global textile and allied industries to solve a wide range of problems associated with the design, production and quality of fiber based products. His background in materials covers all three material types - polymers, metals and ceramics. In the last 12 years, he served as an expert witness in more than 25 litigations spread across multiple states. He worked for both defendants and plaintiffs represented by the local, state and federal government and private agencies.

Bio Snapshot

  • Location: GA
  • BS, Textile Technology, University of Madras
  • MS, Textile Technology, University of Madras
  • MS, Decision Sciences/Applied Statistics, Georgia State University
  • PhD, Textile Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology
  • Senior Member, Fiber Society
  • Organizing Member, Textile Quality Control Association
  • Chair of RA 102 (Statistics) Committee, AATCC
  • Active Member of Several AATCC Committees
  • Former, Technical Manager, Telengana Textile Mills
  • Former, Professor, Textile Technology, University of Madras
  • Former, Research Associate, North Carolina State University
  • Former, Senior Research Scientist, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Current, Principal Research Scientist & Senior Academic Professional, School of Materials Science & Engineering, An Technology University in Georgia

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