Expert Qualifications

This highly-qualified expert has 25 years of experience as an engineer specializing in accident reconstruction, roadside safety, maintenance of traffic, and the analysis of mechanical systems and product failures. He has a strong background in the design, development, and implementation of roadside safety hardware including guardrails, bridge rails, and crash cushions. This expert earned both his BS and MS in mechanical engineering, as well as his PhD in civil engineering from the University of Nebraska before completing a certification program in biomedical engineering at the University of Florida. He is a licensed professional engineer in three states and is a certified counter balanced forklift operator. He is active in his field as a member of several organizations, including the American Society for Testing and Materials and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. He is also involved in research in his field, as an author of several publications and a speaker at multiple conferences throughout his career. He currently holds 33 patents related to guardrail systems, vehicle storage systems, and shipping container handling systems. This expert formerly served as a consulting engineer for Interstate Steel Corporation, a research associate engineer for Midwest Roadside Safety Facility, principal of BEC Consulting, and director of engineering for BEC Industries. Currently, this expert is the president and CEO of a forensic engineering firm in Florida.

Bio Snapshot

  • Location: FL
  • BS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Nebraska
  • MS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Nebraska
  • PhD, Civil Engineering, University of Nebraska
  • Certified, Counter Balanced Forklift Operator
  • Certified, FAA Remote Pilot
  • Licensed, Professional Engineer
  • Member, American Society for Testing and Materials
  • Member, American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • Member, American Society of Civil Engineers
  • Member, National Society of Professional Engineers
  • 33 Patents
  • Former, Consulting Engineer, Interstate Steel Corporation
  • Former, Research Assistant Engineer, Midwest Roadside Safety Facility
  • Former, Research Associate Engineer, Midwest Roadside Safety Facility
  • Former, Senior Engineer, BEC Consulting LLC
  • Former, Principal, BEC Consulting LLC
  • Former, General Manager, BEC Industries LLC
  • Former, Director, Engineering, BEC Industries LLC
  • Current, President and CEO, a forensic engineering firm in FL

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