Expert Qualifications

This expert's experience focuses on process design to achieve maximum efficiency and optimum food product quality. He has served as an expert in a variety of situations dealing primarily with process and equipment design. Several of the cases have involved patent litigation, including detailed review of documents, development of expert reports, appearance at depositions and testimony before juries. He graduated with a BS and MS from The Ohio State University, and a PhD from Michigan State University. His educational background emphasized the application of engineering principles and concepts to the processing of foods.

This expert has held teaching positions at multiple large universities such as Michigan State University, University of Missouri, and Rutgers. He has served on multiple boards for food processing professionals, as well as been the director of multiple centers devoted to the study of food process engineering. Additionally he has published multiple textbooks and encylcopedias on food engineering and food process engineering. HE has been awarded with lifetime achivement awards as well as research awards for his work in food process engineering. He currently is a professor of food engineering at a major university, and is He is involved in teaching and research in the area of food engineering, with a focus on sustainability of the food system, and specifically on improvement in process efficiencies while enhancing product quality.

Bio Snapshot

  • B.S. (1960) and M.S. (1962) degrees from The Ohio State University
  • PhD (1965) from Michigan State University
  • Former, Professor, Michigan State University
  • Former, Chair of The Agricultural Engineering Department, Michigan State University
  • Former, Vice President of Research, Campbell Soup Company
  • Former, Vice President of SCientic Affairs, National Foor Processors Association
  • Former, Ceo, National Food Laboratory
  • Former, President, Food Processors Institute
  • Former, Consultant, Weinberg Consulting Group
  • Former, Professor of Food Process Engineering, University of Missouri
  • Former, Leader for Foods, Feeds and Products, 21st Century
  • Former, Professor, Food Process Engineering, Rutgers
  • Former, Director, Center for Advanced Food Technology
  • Former, Consultantm applications of engineering concepts for educational institutions, industries, and government
  • Former, President, Society for Food Science and Technology
  • Former, Fellow, International Academy of Food Science & Technology
  • Former, President, Phi Tau Sigma
  • Honor, Lifetime Achievement Award, International Association for Engineering and Food
  • Honor, Frozen Food Foundation Freezing Research Award
  • Published, multilple textbook on food process engineering
  • Current, Professor of Food Engineering, a Major University

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