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Health-Related Water Microbiology Headshot

Health-Related Water Microbiology Expert

This highly-qualified expert has extensive experience in environmental health and water quality, with his work focusing on health-related water microbiology, as well as drinking, groundwater, and surface water quality assessment. He earned his BS in environmental biology and zoology and his PhD in agriculture and natural resources at Michigan State University. This expert is active in his field as a member of the International Water Association and the author of over 20 ...

Water, Energy, and Utility Headshot

Water, Energy, and Utility Expert

This highly-qualified expert has over 30 years of experience as a water and energy engineer. He earned his BS, MS, and PhD in engineering and economics from the University of California, Davis. He is certified as a sustainable development professional and an energy manager. He is active in his field as a member of the Association of Energy Engineers, the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Water Works Association. He has formerly served as a systems specialist at ...

Water-Related Environmental Issues Headshot

Water-Related Environmental Issues Expert

This highly-qualified expert has over 35 years of experience in water-related environmental issues, including water technologies, water quality, drinking water issues such as lead, PFAS and other contaminants, and testing and regulatory acceptance. He earned his BS in zoology as well as his MS in water resources science from The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He is active in his field as a member of NSF International, the American Water Works Association, and the ...

Water Resources and Quality Headshot

Water Resources and Quality Expert

This highly qualified expert has over 30 years of experience working in the Chesapeake Bay watershed with specialties in regulation, environmental assessment and watershed studies, advocacy, compliance, permitting, feasibility studies, nonpoint source pollutant management, wetland and stream mitigation, and water quality monitoring. He earned his BS in biology, chemistry, and environmental science from the University of Tampa and holds a certification as an environmental ...

Stormwater Water and Wastewater Headshot

Stormwater Water and Wastewater Expert

This qualified expert earned his BS and MS in environmental engineering, as well as his MS in civil engineering from Drexel University, graduating cum laude. He subsequently earned his PhD in environmental engineering. He is active in his field as a member of several organizations, including the Water Environmental Federation and the American Water Works Association. He has worked closely with many municipalities including the Philadelphia Water Department, the New York ...

Water and Energy Headshot

Water and Energy Expert

This highly qualified expert is has been in his field for over 30 years. He holds a PhD in engineering and economics from UC Davis, and is a certified energy manager and certified sustainable development professional. He is active in his field as a member of professional organizations including the American Water Works Association and the American Energy Society. He formerly served as an energy analyst at the California Energy Commission and as a public utility ...

Land Surveying, Stormwater Compliance, and Civil Engineering Headshot

Land Surveying, Stormwater Compliance, and Civil Engineering Expert

This expert is licensed as a Civil Engineer and a Land Surveyor in both California and Arizona, and he has worked throughout Southern California. Having earned his degrees in engineering and business from California State University at Northridge, he previously served as the Director of Engineering and Surveying at multiple engineering firms, including the Haaland Group and Crosby Mead Benton. A member of the California Land Surveyors Association and the American Public ...

Hospital Plumbing/Water Quality Headshot

Hospital Plumbing/Water Quality Expert

This expert in water quality has 15+ years of experience in Legionella Risk Management and 40+ years experience total in engineering related functions. He obtained his BS in Marine Engineering at the US Merchant Marine Academy. He is a member of APIC, ASPE, ASHRAE, ASHRM, AWT and AWWA. He has authored 2 books, coauthored 2 peer review papers with CDC, published numerous articles in many journals and magazines and is currently the President of a waterborne pathogen risk ...

Marine & Coastal (Waterfront) Engineering Headshot

Marine & Coastal (Waterfront) Engineering Expert

This marine structures engineer earned his B.S. in Structural Engineering from Michigan State University and his M.S. in Architectural Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in New York and Illinois, and he has also earned the ADCI Air Diver Certification at the OSHA 30-Hour Construction Safety Certification. The expert has 20 years of experience relating marine & coastal (waterfront) inspection, engineering and ...

Hydrology Headshot

Hydrology Expert

This expert has over 35 years of engineering experience specializing in the modeling of surface water resource systems, forensic hydrology and hydraulics, and alternative flood control measures. He is also an American Academy of Water Resources recognized Diplomate as a Water Resouces Engineer. The expert has managed both flood control and water supply projects as well. As a State Board Member of the Forensic Expert Witness Association, he has demonstrated distinguished ...

Water Engineering Headshot

Water Engineering Expert

This qualified Fluid Flow Engineering Expert obtained his BSE in Civil Engineering and his MSE and Ph.D in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Utah State University. He is a Certified Engineer in Utah and has published 40+ articles focused on Civil and Environmental Engineering research. He is a member of the American Water Works Association and the American Society of Engineers and is currently a Research Professor in Civil and Environmental at a University in the ...

Water Engineering Headshot

Water Engineering Expert

This highly qualified engineering expert specializes in water treatment engineering, design, and operations. He is a certified water treatment and distribution operator. He belongs to a number of prestigious societies in the water treatment field and has authored more than 5 publications on the topic. This expert is currently a private water treatment industry consultant....

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