Water Expert Witnesses

State: AZ

Stormwater Water and Wastewater Expert


This qualified expert earned his BS and MS in environmental engineering, as well as his MS in civil engineering from Drexel University, graduating cum laude. He subsequently earned his PhD in environmental engineering. He is active in ...

State: AZ

Water and Energy Expert


This highly qualified expert is has been in his field for over 30 years. He holds a PhD in engineering and economics from UC Davis, and is a certified energy manager and certified sustainable development professional. He is active in ...

State: CA

Hydrology Expert


This expert has over 35 years of engineering experience specializing in the modeling of surface water resource systems, forensic hydrology and hydraulics, and alternative flood control measures. He is also an American Academy of Water ...

State: CA

Water Engineering Expert


This highly qualified engineering expert specializes in water treatment engineering, design, and operations. He is a certified water treatment and distribution operator. He belongs to a number of prestigious societies in the water ...

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