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Plastics expert witnesses practice in a variety of fields, including materials engineering, chemical engineering, manufacturing processes, product design, and environmental science. Some of the most common specialties among plastics expert witnesses also include polymer science, plastic surgery, recycling technologies, packaging materials, and biodegradable plastics. They can opine on the effects of plastic pollution, material failure analysis, patent infringement, product liability issues, and health impacts of plastic materials.

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Shelby Freland Thames, PhDView profile

ID: 454850

Dr. Shelby Freland Thames, PhD

Dr. Shelby F. Thames has 58 years of experience in the field of Organic Chemistry. He earned his BS in Chemistry and his MS in Organic Chemistry from the University of Southern Mississippi and his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Tennessee. Formerly, this expert served as the President of the University of Southern Mississippi. He also served as a Professor and as a Distinguished...

Packaging Expert Witness | New YorkView profile


Packaging Expert Witness | New York

This expert has 40 years experience in packaging, materials technology, management, strategic planning and R&D working for resin producers, converters, and food companies. He currently provides consulting services for the plastics industry in regards to food packaging, protective packaging, plastics processing and plastics resins.

Maureen T.F. Reitman, PE, ScDView profile

ID: 702268

Dr. Maureen T.F. Reitman, PE, ScD

Dr. Maureen T.F. Reitman has 29 years of experience in Polymer Science and Materials Chemistry. She earned both her BS and ScD in Materials Science and Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Today, she is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Maryland. Formerly, this expert served as a Research Specialist and then a Technical Manager in the Telecom Systems Divison of...

Plastics  Polymers Expert Witness | ColoradoView profile


Plastics Polymers Expert Witness | Colorado

This highly qualified expert earned his BS from Hope College and his PhD in organic chemistry from Indiana University. He has experience in catalyst research in support of polyethylene manufacturing, additive stabilization of polymers, interaction of chemicals with plastics, extrusion production of plastic pipe, plastic pipe material technical service and plastic pipe system component testing....

Plastic Films Technology Expert Witness | New YorkView profile


Plastic Films Technology Expert Witness | New York

This expert is highly qualified in the field of plastic films technology. He earned his BS in chemical engineering from the University of Missouri and his MS in chemistry from the University of Delaware. This expert is highly involved in his field, as he holds 40 patents and has been the president of the Label and Packaging Suppliers Council. His former positions include development engineer for...


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