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Agricultural Safety and Health Headshot

Agricultural Safety and Health Expert

This highly qualified expert is a professor of agricultural safety and health in the agricultural engineering department at a top ranking university. His credentials and experience in occupational safety and health makes him particularly qualified to review this case. He is a Certified Safety Professional and a member of the American Society of Safety Engineers, Agricultural Division of National Safety, and International Society of Safety and Health. He has earned ...

Agricultural Equipment Engineering & Design Headshot

Agricultural Equipment Engineering & Design Expert

This international technology expert has hands-on experience in all aspects of agriculture, including crop production, equipment design, R&D, teaching, manufacturing, and marketing. He has four advanced degrees in business/engineering, including a Ph.D. in the Automation of Technological Processes from the National University of Life and Environmental Science of Ukraine. He has authored 70+ publications and holds 11 U.S. patents, as well as others from Canada, the EU, ...

Compost Testing Headshot

Compost Testing Expert

This pedologist has studied agronomy for 17+ years, earning a B.S., an M.S., and a Ph.D. in the science and technology of plants. She currently works as an Associate Professor in the Department of Agronomy at a public university in Kansas. The expert is a Certified Professional Soil Scientist and a Member of the American Society of Agronomy, the Soil Science Society of America, and the International Soil and Tillage Research Organization. She has co-authored two book ...

Weed Science Headshot

Weed Science Expert

This expert is an endowed professor of Weed Science at a very prominent university in California. He is the author of 2 patents, 5 books, and over 100 scholarly publications in field of Weed Science and Agronomy. He earned his doctoral degree from Kansas State University and later served as an agronomist and weed specialist at Washington State University, as well as a lecturer in Urban Horticulture at the University of Washington. He is an active member of the United ...

Weed Science & Herbicide Headshot

Weed Science & Herbicide Expert

This supremely qualified plant physiologist earned his BS in Botany from DePauw University, his MS in Plant Ecology from the University of Colorado, and his doctoral degree from the University of Illinois. He is an active member of the Weed Science Society of America and lead a twenty plus year career at American Cyanamid, where he attained the position of Director of Herbicide Discovery. Additionally, he served as a Plant Physiologist for more than a decade with the ...

Livestock Fencing and Behavior Headshot

Livestock Fencing and Behavior Expert

This expert is an international authority on livestock fencing and behavior, having conducted more than 300 seminars on fencing technology and grazing management for global livestock producers throughout the world. He has been a consultant and international sales representative for several agribusiness companies involved in the manufacture of fencing equipment. He is the former president of the US branch of Gallagher Electronics, the world's largest livestock fencing ...

Economics of Precision Farming Technology Headshot

Economics of Precision Farming Technology Expert

This highly qualified precision agriculture expert earned his BS in Agronomy and MS in Agricultural Economics at the University of Arkansas and PhD in Agricultural Economics at Purdue University. He has received several awards through his career and is a frequently invited guest speaker at major precision agriculture conferences. This expert is a member of several professional organizations including the International Society of Precision Agriculture and American Society ...

Wood Headshot

Wood Expert

This expert is currently a wood scientist and has been working in the wood industry for almost 20 years. He earned a BS in Construction Management & Wood Products Engineering from SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry and a Masters Degree in Forest Products from Oregon State University. This expert focuses primarily in investigations of problems associated with wood and wood-based products, evaluations of wood products used in construction, and management of ...

Fisheries Headshot

Fisheries Expert

This expert has over 50 years of experience in the fisheries industry. Most of his career was spent at the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations in various positions including Fisheries Economist and Project Manager. He participates in regional and international fisheries conferences and contributes specialized fisheries articles for publication in regional and international magazines on various fisheries' topics of concern to the Arab and African ...

Program Grants & Contract Manager Headshot

Program Grants & Contract Manager Expert

This highly qualified expert has over 20+ years experience directing food stamp programs. Former positions include Regional Food Stamp Program Director, Administrator Review Officer, EBT Project Director, and EBT Regional Implementation Manager. He has directed over 200 regional and field office staff involved in state agency policy support and food retailer management. He has adjudicated administrative appeals for food retailers participating in the Food Stamp Program ...

Agriculture Headshot

Agriculture Expert

This expert is one of two owners and a Principal Scientist at a major environmental firm. This firm specializes in providing solutions to challenging agricultural and environmental problems throughout the world. Their areas of expertise include soil science, water quality and demand evaluation and management, agricultural systems, salinity and nutrient management, ecosystem restoration, statistics, remote sensing, geospatial analysis, land stabilization, and regulatory ...

Agricultural Real Estate and Appraisal Headshot

Agricultural Real Estate and Appraisal Expert

This expert has educational and professional experience in agricultural real estate and is considered a trusted professional in land economics and is eminently qualified to provide opinions concerning land economics and divisions of property. His educational and work experience uniquely qualifies him to provide such testimony for court cases. After receiving a B.S. and a M.S. in Agricultural Economics from Mississippi State University, he served 31 years with the MS ...

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