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This PVC pipe expert has worked in the field for 43+ years. He spent the majority of his career with LASCO Fittings, where he held product management roles that involved both the technical development and sales of PVC piping. He is associated with several industry organizations, including the American Society of Irrigation Consultants, the American Society for Testing Materials, and the Irrigation Association. He is also a Member of the Technical Committee for the Plastic Pipe & Fitting Association. The expert is currently retired and working independently as a PVC consultant.

Bio Snapshot

  • Location: CA
  • Mechanical Engineering, California State University-Long Beach
  • Member, Technical Committee, Plastic Pipe & Fitting Association
  • Member, American Society of Irrigation Consultants
  • Member, ASTM International
  • Member, Irrigation Association
  • Owner, 6 Patents
  • Former, Draftsman for the Mincom Division, 3M
  • Former, Drafstman for the Aerospace Divison, Douglas Aircraft
  • Former, Product Designer, Mattel
  • Former, Applications Engineer, LASCO Fittings Inc.
  • Former, National Product Manager, LASCO Fittings Inc.
  • Current, Independent PVC Consultant, Private Consulting Business

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