Mechanical Engineering Expert Witness | Georgia

Mechanical Engineering Expert Witness | Georgia

Mechanical Engineering | E-022903

Expert Qualifications

This expert is a registered professional mechanical engineer with extensive hands-on experience in thermodynamics and testing. He earned his Masters and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. He has held a number of engineering positions and is currently a Professor of Mechanical Engineering focusing on thermodynamics at a technical university in the Atlanta area. Primary activities have focused on basic and applied research in the areas of constitutive model development and processing, mechanical property characterization, and structural testing & analysis for advanced materials including high performance and ultra-lightweight polymers, polymeric composites, and metals. Specifically, areas of expertise include formulating new constitutive relationships and associated experimentally-based methodologies for characterizing the time, rate, environmental, and temperature dependent mechanical response of materials; the development of laboratory testing techniques and instrumentation for investigating and determining structural and material behavior, low velocity impact effects, and related phenomenological events in composites; and the development of analytical and numerical methods for characterizing and modeling the environmental degradation, long-term durability, and damage tolerance of polymer matrix composites and MEMS structures. Current topics include experimental mechanics, MEMS, structural analysis and design, rheology, thermochemical analysis, fatigue life assessment and prediction, micromechanics and long term durability.

Bio Snapshot

Location, GA

BS, Mechanical Engineering, Southern University

MS, Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

Registered, Professional Engineer

60+ Publications

Editorial Board, "AIAA Journal", "Experimental Mechanics" and "Journal of Composites Science and Technology"

Former, Technical Staff, AT&T Bell Laboratories

Former, Research Engineer, Georgia Tech Research Institute

Former, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Clark Atlanta University

Current, Professor, technical university in the Atlanta area


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