Expert Qualifications

This highly qualified expert has nearly 30 years of experience in the consumer credit industry, specializing in consumer credit reporting, credit scoring, FCRA, FDCPA, credit damages, Metro-2, and ACDV and AUD forms. He obtained his BS in criminal justice from the University of West Georgia and is currently pursuing his MS in criminal justice and administration at Penn State University. Today, this expert is also certified by the Consumer Data Industry Association. He previously served as an account manager at Equifax, as the manager of global credit bureau products at Fair Isaac, as an invited credit blogger for the New York Times, and as the president of consumer education at and More recently, he also worked as a contributor for CNBC's "On the Money" program, for the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, and for FOX Business Networks' "The Willis Report," as well as a credit contributor for and This expert is currently the co-founder of a credit industry think-tank, a credit contributor at a consumer credit reporting agency, and the owner of an FCRA, FDCPA, credit, and credit damage consultancy in Georgia.

Bio Snapshot

  • Location: GA
  • BS, Criminal Justice, University of West Georgia
  • MS, Criminal Justice & Administration, Penn State University
  • Certified, Consumer Data Industry Association
  • Former, Account Manager, Equifax
  • Former, Manager, Global Credit Bureau Products, Fair Isaac
  • Former, Contributor, "On the Money," CNBC
  • Former, Invited Credit Blogger, New York Times
  • Former, President, Consumer Education,
  • Former, President, Consumer Education,
  • Former, Contributor, National Foundation for Credit Counseling
  • Former, Credit Contributor,
  • Former, Credit Contributor,
  • Former, Contributor, "The Willis Report," FOX Business Network
  • Current, Co-Founder, a credit industry think-tank in GA
  • Current, Credit Contributor, a consumer credit reporting agency in GA
  • Current, Owner, an FCRA, FDCPA, credit, & credit damage consultancy in GA

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