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Electrician and Construction Headshot

Electrician and Construction Expert

This highly qualified expert has 50 years of experience in electrical project management, contracting, and inspection. He obtained his BS in electrical systems from the University of Akron, before receiving his JD from Western State University. Today, he is a certified electrical inspector and electrical contractor, as well as a licensed master electrician. This expert is an active member of several professional organizations, including the International Association of ...

AC DC Power Source/System Design Headshot

AC DC Power Source/System Design Expert

This expert is very well qualified the field of electrical engineering and power source design and qualification. He received his BS and ME in Biomedical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Power Sources Manufacturing Association and several branches of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers including IEEE Consultants Network and Chairs the San Francisco Bay Area IEEE Power Electronics Society. ...

Electrical Engineering Headshot

Electrical Engineering Expert

This engineer has a wealth of experience in the fields of power electronics, system dynamics and control, and applied superconductivity. Having earned his doctoral degree in electrical and mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he worked at the university for more than a decade, serving as a Principal Research Scientist, and was the Director of the MIT/Industry Consortium on Advanced Automotive Electrical/Electronic Components and Systems. ...

Aviation Headshot

Aviation Expert

This expert is a pilot, aircraft mechanic, inspector, and flight instructor with over 30 years of aviation technology experience. He holds a number of pilot, mechanic, and appraisal certifications. In his current aircraft inspection firm, he frequently performs Aircraft maintenance and conformity inspections, USPAP compliant aircraft appraisals, maintenance verification and conformity test flights, and digital data mining for engines and airframes. He also does ...

Forensic Engineering Headshot

Forensic Engineering Expert

This licensed Professional Engineer currently works as a Chemical/Mechanical Forensic Engineer for a multi-disciplined engineering and investigation company. Provides forensic and technical services to attorneys, insurance companies, independent adjusters, restoration companies, contractors, municipalities, and individuals towards the resolution of claims or litigation. Areas of Expertise: Chemical process design, mechanical equipment applications and safety controls, ...

Electrical Engineering Headshot

Electrical Engineering Expert

This master electrician has almost 40 years of hands on experience. His areas of expertise include national electrical code compliance, safety code compliance, high voltage electrical safety orders, grounding and bonding of electrical systems, electrical line contact, high voltage contact, power plant wiring, ANSI standards, electrical patent infringement, accident investigation and OSHA standards. He is currently a private electrical contractor in California....

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