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Trucking and Transportation Safety/Compliance Headshot

Trucking and Transportation Safety/Compliance Expert

This highly qualified transportation safety and compliance expert has been involved with trucking logistics for over 30 years. He earned a BS in history and political science from Vanderbilt University and an MS in personnel management from Troy State University. He is certified in homeland security and is a certified director of safety by the North American Transportation Management Institute. Formerly, this expert served as a logistics director and personnel manager ...

Physical Security and Emergency Management Headshot

Physical Security and Emergency Management Expert

This seasoned security expert has extensive physical security, corporate security, executive, project management and federal law enforcement experience. He has authored Emergency Management Plans, Base Camp Operations Plans and many other types of governing and operational plans, documents and procedures in governmental, non-profit and non-governmental environments....

Federal Aviation Administration & Air Traffic Control Headshot

Federal Aviation Administration & Air Traffic Control Expert

This expert has over 30 years of experience in aviation and air traffic control. He is active in his field as a member of several professional organizations including the Air Traffic Control Association and the Federal Aviation Managers Association. He previously served as an air traffic control specialist for the U.S. Navy and the Federal Aviation Administration. He was also an air traffic control plan and programs specialist and a supervisory air traffic control ...

Federal Reserve System & Policies Headshot

Federal Reserve System & Policies Expert

This highly qualified banking supervisory expert is a former officer at the Federal Reserve Board, where he was responsible for regulatory policies and supervisory standards surrounding credit, market, liquidity and operational risk management at regulated institutions. The expert first joined the Federal Reserve in 1991 as a Supervisory Financial Analyst and became a Deputy Associate Director for the Board of Governors in 2004. He oversaw market and liquidity risk, as ...

Telecommunications and Cybersecurity Technologies Headshot

Telecommunications and Cybersecurity Technologies Expert

This highly qualified telecommunications expert has over 20 years of professional experience. In particular, he has experience in wireless and wired systems, cybersecurity, behavioral analytics, and security systems. He completed his BS from Ohio University and his MA from the University of Manitoba. He is a certified marine radio operator and general radiotelephone operator and instructor by the Federal Communications Commission. This expert is a member of various ...

Russian and Soviet Litigation, Legal Systems and Business Risks Headshot

Russian and Soviet Litigation, Legal Systems and Business Risks Expert

This expert is one of the top specialists in the fields of litigation, legal systems and business risks in the Russian Federation and the former Soviet republics. After graduating from the Moscow University of Finance and Law, he spent ten years working for the Federal Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation, rising through the ranks from the position of Senior Investigator to Deputy Prosecutor for the Moscow Region. While at the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, he ...

Trust Administration Headshot

Trust Administration Expert

This expert has nearly 20 years of legal and trust administration experience. She gained her JD from Willamette College of Law and is licensed to practice in Wyoming. She served as an attorney at James H. Jordan PC, an attorney for Austin Law Office, and an assistant vice president and trust administrator in the investment management and trust division at ANB Bank.Currently she is an attorney focusing on probate and estate administration issues....

Textile Engineering, Polymer Science & Engineering, Materials Science Headshot

Textile Engineering, Polymer Science & Engineering, Materials Science Expert

This expert has significant experience in the development of new products and new test methods for their evaluation, including emerging nano and bio technology based products for healthcare, body protection, space exploration, etc. applications. His research contributions cover the areas of objective evaluation of subjective properties, the study of structure-property relationships, and process/product optimization. He completed his BS and MS in Textile Technology at the ...

Community Transportation Headshot

Community Transportation Expert

This expert is a training consultant for CTAA (Community Transportation Association of America). He certify trainers in wheelchair securement, and passenger safety and sensitivity. When working with State he would develop specifications of paratransit vehicles for agencies receiving funds from the FTA (Federal Transportation Administration). For the last two years this expert has served as Safety &Security Program Manager, reviewing accident and incident reports from ...

Electrical Engineering Headshot

Electrical Engineering Expert

This expert on Electrical Engineering has over 28 years of experience. He is experienced in lighting, power, fire alarm and communication design for institutional, medical, commercial and design/build projects. He has performed analysis of electrical systems for hospitals, military and industrial facilities. His background in electrical engineering provided a solid platform for performing Forensic Services. Over the past fifteen years, he has given testimony at ...

Pharmacology/Pharmacy/Long Term Care Pharmacy Headshot

Pharmacology/Pharmacy/Long Term Care Pharmacy Expert

This highly qualified expert is a licensed pharmacist practicing in the state of Florida for the past 36 years. He has filled 500,000+ prescriptions, performed 150,000+ medical chart reviews, and participated in 200+ state and federal surveys. He completed his post baccalaureate studies in biochemistry and pharmacy at the University of Florida and is board certified in geriatrics pharmacy. He is a member of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists and the former ...

Computer Forensics Headshot

Computer Forensics Expert

This highly qualified expert is a EnCase certified examiner with years of experience in digital forensics. He was the director of the Greater Houston Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory, a multi-agency task force. He was also an FBI certified Computer Forensics Examiner and a Certified Forensic Computer Examiner with the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists. He has conducted hundreds of computer forensic exams involving a variety of ...

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