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Agronomy Headshot

Agronomy Expert

This well-credentialed expert is Professor Emeritusof Soil and Crop Sciences at a public research university in Colorado, where he has held the title of Professor for over 20 years. He received his BS in Agronomy from Brigham Young University, his MS in Agronomy from Oklahoma State University, and his PhD in Crop Science from Oregon State University. The expert has presented at over 100 workshops/lectures and has authored nearly 50 refereed articles along with nearly 150 ...

Agricultural Safety and Health Headshot

Agricultural Safety and Health Expert

This highly qualified expert is a professor of agricultural safety and health in the agricultural engineering department at a top ranking university. His credentials and experience in occupational safety and health makes him particularly qualified to review this case. He is a Certified Safety Professional and a member of the American Society of Safety Engineers, Agricultural Division of National Safety, and International Society of Safety and Health. He has earned ...

Agricultural Equipment Engineering & Design Headshot

Agricultural Equipment Engineering & Design Expert

This international technology expert has hands-on experience in all aspects of agriculture, including crop production, equipment design, R&D, teaching, manufacturing, and marketing. He has four advanced degrees in business/engineering, including a Ph.D. in the Automation of Technological Processes from the National University of Life and Environmental Science of Ukraine. He has authored 70+ publications and holds 11 U.S. patents, as well as others from Canada, the EU, ...

Economics of Precision Farming Technology Headshot

Economics of Precision Farming Technology Expert

This highly qualified precision agriculture expert earned his BS in Agronomy and MS in Agricultural Economics at the University of Arkansas and PhD in Agricultural Economics at Purdue University. He has received several awards through his career and is a frequently invited guest speaker at major precision agriculture conferences. This expert is a member of several professional organizations including the International Society of Precision Agriculture and American Society ...

Agricultural Real Estate and Appraisal Headshot

Agricultural Real Estate and Appraisal Expert

This expert has educational and professional experience in agricultural real estate and is considered a trusted professional in land economics and is eminently qualified to provide opinions concerning land economics and divisions of property. His educational and work experience uniquely qualifies him to provide such testimony for court cases. After receiving a B.S. and a M.S. in Agricultural Economics from Mississippi State University, he served 31 years with the MS ...

Insurance Headshot

Insurance Expert

This expert began his career in underwriting in the 1960's, managing a regional general agency with broad underwriting authority specializing in property real and personal coverage, running the gamut from simple auto and homeowners’ policies to complex property, inland marine, manufacturer’s output and ocean marine policies. When he sold his agency in 1988, he had 60 employees and annual revenues in excess of $10,000,000. His career also includes a wealth of claims ...

Property & Casualty Insurance Claims Headshot

Property & Casualty Insurance Claims Expert

This expert has over 50 years of experience in the field of insurance claims. He has experience working in in claim handling custom and practice, claim adjusting, coverage interpretation, and SIU practices. He is certified as a Casualty Claims Law Associate, Legal Principals Coverage Specialist, and a Registered Professional Adjuster, among others. He is active as a member of the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance, previously serving as the President of the ...

Cosmetic Regulatory Good Practices Headshot

Cosmetic Regulatory Good Practices Expert

This experienced cosmetics ingredients expert joined Estee Lauder in 1981 as a QA Products Laboratory Supervisor. He remained with the company until 2006, most recently serving as the Director of Special Analytical Services and R&D. In this position, the expert was responsible for Estee Lauder's raw material program, which included oversight of analytical testing, evaluation of new raw materials, and troubleshooting formulation issues. The expert now works as a Product ...

Internal Medicine Headshot

Internal Medicine Expert

This board certified expert who is the president of the American Medical Directors Association for his state earned his BA from Boston University. Residency training was completed at the University of Connecticut. He has made over 15 presentations and has over 15 original peer reviewed articles in his over 20 years of clinical practice. The expert frequently lectures on numerous topics in geriatrics such as dementia, medical direction in long term care and hospice, and ...

Physician Assistant Headshot

Physician Assistant Expert

This expert has more than 30 years of experience in Surgery and Surgical subspecialties including General, Thoracic, Vascular, Micro-vascular, Burn, Urological and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. In addition to his areas of clinical practice, he has extensive experience in governance and supervision of Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and Allied Health Professionals. In particular credentialing, privileging, utilization and billing for these services....

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