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Explosives and Pyrotechnics Headshot

Explosives and Pyrotechnics Expert

This expert has nearly 40 years of experience in explosive devices, bombs, pyrotechnics, hazardous devices, and post-blast investigations. He earned his BS from Capella University and is certified as an international post blast investigator. Currently, he is a member of various professional organizations such as the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators, and the International Association of Explosives Engineers. Formerly, he has held various ...

Fire & Explosion Investigation Headshot

Fire & Explosion Investigation Expert

This qualified expert has over 35 years of experience in fire and explosion investigation. He earned his BS in justice studies at Arizona State University. He also completed a fire pattern certificate course through the Public Agency Training Council. He is certified as a fire and explosion investigator, a vehicle fire investigator, a fire investigator, and a fire investigation instructor. He is active in his field as a member of the Arizona Burn Foundation. He has also ...

Fire and Explosion Investigation Headshot

Fire and Explosion Investigation Expert

This expert is currently a fire and explosion investigator and analyst at a top forensic firm in the Southeast. He is a highly qualified fire and explosion expert and has extensive credentials, including: multiple certifications, fire and explosion research, many published articles and papers, presentations, teaching, years of experience including hundreds of fire and explosion investigations, analyses, and testimony on numerous cases....

Explosive Ordnance Disposal; Improvised explosive devices; terrorist bombs Headshot

Explosive Ordnance Disposal; Improvised explosive devices; terrorist bombs Expert

This expert served in the US Navy as an explosive ordnance disposal technician, retiring after 15 years as a platoon chief. He has been deployed multiple times to the Horn of Africa, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and has extensive experience with weapon technical intelligence and counter-IED analysis. Since 2011, he has been working for JIDO contractors. In his current role, he is the primary adviser to the commander and staff on all C-IED efforts....

Indoor Environmental Consultation & Building Science Inspections Headshot

Indoor Environmental Consultation & Building Science Inspections Expert

This highly qualified expert has an investigative background having served in Law Enforcement (State & Federal), Fire Service, Fire & Arson Investigation, Emergency Medical, Search & Rescue and Criminal Investigation fields. He formerly was a Police Officer, a Federal Law Enforcement Officer and a Firefighter who specialized in fire, arson and explosion investigation. He currently owns and operates an Indoor Environmental Consulting company in AK that specializes in the ...

Mechanical Engineering Headshot

Mechanical Engineering Expert

This highly qualified mechanical engineer earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering from City College of New York, his MS in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and his PhD from the University of Connecticut. He has been formally trained in a number of engineering disciplines, including accident investigation and labels/warnings/failure to warn instructions. He belongs to a number of highly prestigious societies in the engineering field, including ...

Mechanical & Control System Failures, Machine Guarding Headshot

Mechanical & Control System Failures, Machine Guarding Expert

This expert holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from McMaster University ('93) and a Masters from the University of Toronto ('98). From 2000 to 2013 this expert was a managing partner of HITE Engineering Corp. Prior to that he held diverse positions in manufacturing. He is skilled in mechanical design and structural analysis/FEA and fully trained on engineering software packages such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Algor and STAAD/Pro. Early in his career, he began utilizing ...

Electrical Failure Analysis & Electrical Fire Cause Headshot

Electrical Failure Analysis & Electrical Fire Cause Expert

This expert specializes in electrical engineering issues, and has performed numerous investigations into fires caused/allegedly caused by electrical issues. His experience includes evaluation of electronics products and their failure modes to determine whether they adhered to relevant safety standards, including those established by Underwriters Laboratories and the Canadian Standards Association. He has also evaluated products and components for structural wiring ...

Forensic Engineering Headshot

Forensic Engineering Expert

This licensed Professional Engineer currently works as a Chemical/Mechanical Forensic Engineer for a multi-disciplined engineering and investigation company. Provides forensic and technical services to attorneys, insurance companies, independent adjusters, restoration companies, contractors, municipalities, and individuals towards the resolution of claims or litigation. Areas of Expertise: Chemical process design, mechanical equipment applications and safety controls, ...

Electrical Engineering Headshot

Electrical Engineering Expert

This licensed engineer earned his BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Missouri and is a certified fire & explosion investigator. He has held a number of electrical engineering and products safety positions throughout his career, specializing in EE, product development, technical management, design verification, advanced troubleshooting, and failure analysis. This expert is currently a Senior Professional Engineer at a private Engineering consultancy....

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