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Expert witnesses in corporations practice in a variety of fields, including business law, corporate governance, financial analysis, mergers and acquisitions, and securities. Some of the most common specialties for these expert witnesses also include corporate finance, business valuation, corporate restructuring, shareholder disputes, and corporate ethics. They have provided opinions on the effects of fiduciary duties, insider trading, corporate fraud, hostile takeovers, and shareholder rights.

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M&A  Control Contests  Corporate  Securities Expert Witness | IllinoisView profile


M&A Control Contests Corporate Securities Expert Witness | Illinois

This experienced corporate finance attorney retired after a 44-year career with Bell, Boyd & Lloyd in Chicago, where he practiced in securities, corporate governance, and related areas. For 13 years, he was the Chair of his firm's corporate and securities group, working with many large U.S. Corporations. He recently taught an M&A course at Northwestern University and currently acts as an...

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