Corporate Governance Expert Opines on Alleged Fraud

    Corporate Governance Expert WitnessThis case anti fraud involves a joint venture between two companies to host a series of music festivals in multiple locations throughout the country. At some point, it was discovered that one of the entities involved in the venture had been hiding millions of dollars of misappropriated funds in a number of secret accounts. It was alleged that executives were using the funds for personal gain, and that the company failed to adhere to its duties to the other company in the partnership.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Please explain your experience with respect to joint ventures, partnership agreements, and other corporate governance matters.
    • 2. Do you have any corporate governance experience that is specific to music festivals?
    • 3. Are you able to review the operating agreement and help determine whether the entities involved in this case acted in accordance with the agreement?

    Expert Witness Response E-033014

    I am an expert in corporate governance, particularly as it relates to organizational misconduct and fraud. Although I do not have specific expertise with respect to music festivals, I certainly understand the context well enough to provide an informed expert opinion; I have also commented in the press about sports-related misconduct on several occasions. Finally, I have been involved in supporting expert witness testimony regarding a joint venture agreement in the past, and have experience commenting on research related to joint ventures. I am confident that I can assess the degree to which the parties to this agreement complied with their agreed-upon obligations.

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