Joseph O'Neill

Joe is an Associate Director of Marketing at The Expert Institute. His experience before joining The Expert Institute includes positions in online journalism, medical device marketing, and nonprofit communications.

Joseph O'Neill

Telemedicine Consultation Guide

Telemedicine Consultation Guide Telemedicine consultations are changing the way healthcare is administered. As interrelated fields of health, IT and mobile health have come together, telemedicine is a way for medical staff and professionals to provide services remotely like reminders for upcoming appointments, education about healthcare issues when they arise, or remote consultations with medical staff when

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Data Driven Strategies in Gaming Industry

Data Driven Strategies in Gaming Industry The gaming industry has now surpassed the movie Industries and music Industries combined in terms of the entertainment value offered. Places like the United Kingdom have seen the gaming industry double in value at the start of covid, indicative of a long-term shift in people’s sources of entertainment with

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4 Most Common Types Of Lawsuits Against Casinos

Going to a casino for spending a full evening and night playing games with friends is surely one of the funniest things you can do in the world. Most casinos of our time offer not only high-class gambling games like the evergreen poker and roulette, but they also feature many additional services, including car parking,

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5 Legal Facts To Know About Gambling In India

Gambling is strictly regulated in many regions of the world, but it's also largely neglected by as many other regions. From a general overview, it's easy to see that there's still a lot of confusion about gambling and before you book a flight to go playing in a foreign casino, make sure you know more

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Why You Should Avoid Unlicensed Gambling Sites

The regulations governing online gambling are becoming more complicated at the same rate that the online gaming industry is expanding. It's no surprise that many people today seek expert advice on what is legal in their jurisdiction. There is no country left where you will not find a variety of online gambling, and it's just

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Legal Blog Post Writing Contest

  The Expert Institute’s first-ever Legal Blog Post Writing Contest  is now live! To participate, submit a 1,000 to 2,500 word blog-style article on the use of expert witnesses in litigation through our online submission portal on the contest page by December 31, 2014. There’s a $500 cash prize for the overall winner. In addition,

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Expert Witnesses: Battle of the Sexes

Ever wondered about the differences between men and women in the world of expert witnesses? As a follow up to our popular Expert Witness Fees infographic, we have used our industry leading expert witness fees data to illustrate the influence that gender can have in dollars and cents for an expert. So what have we

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Deposing an Expert Witness – 6 Tips For Success

Worried about deposing an opponent’s expert? Don’t be. With plenty of preparation and the right strategy you can flush out a weak expert well before your case goes to trial. We’ve rounded up some tips from top litigators and legal advisers around the country to help you make the right moves during this crucial phase

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6 Expert Witness Mistakes to Avoid

Your expert might be one of the most qualified people in his field. However, that alone won’t guarantee that he will be an asset to your case. The fact is that even the best experts are still human. The stress of deposition or trial can result in critical mistakes that might have been avoided with

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Transvaginal Mesh – Origins and Ongoing Litigation

Transvaginal mesh was originally intended to treat women suffering from debilitating conditions like pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence. Instead, it has severely injured many of the women it was intended to help. It has caused organ perforations, erosion of vaginal tissues, and infections. Now it has become one of the largest MDL actions

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